Eating My Way Through Manhattan Part II

April 30, 2014 by Bailee Roberts

Still hungry for more mouthwatering Manhattan spots after my last blog about ‘Eating my way through Manhattan‘? Here’s part 2.

The The Park and Rosemary in the West Village
While the boys, snuck out to The Spotted Pig for a few testosterone fueled beverages and celebrated blue cheese burgers. My sisters and I had a very rare night out together. We first went to The Park for drinks to celebrate Lindsay’s engagement. Sitting in The Park’s beautiful atrium sipping champagne and catching up was very special indeed. I’m a sucker for trees and sparkly fairy lights. The bar is a beauty and the high ceilings give the place a sense of grandeur you wouldn’t expect from the street. The food is supposed to match the ambiance, but we didn’t eat there so I can’t report back.
However, after we finished the champagne, the three of us hopped into a cab and headed to the West Village to Rosemary’s for a late dinner. Guys, this place is fabulous. Its New York and country kitchen décor had me as soon as I walked through the door. Relaxed, welcoming and very cool. Their Costolette Pork Ribs are not to be missed. The meat is so succulent that the bones are left clean with just a fork. We paired it with Eggplant Caponata, Radish in ThymeRosemary Focaccia, and Warm Olive, which sounds weird but after trying them, I don’t really know why olives would be served another way. With a herb garden on the roof, this place is worth the trip alone and is the kind of place I fantasise running one day. 

David Burke Kitchen was recommended to us by friends of ours that used to live in New York as a fabulous date place. So, we booked it for our anniversary dinner, but to be honest, we were both so zonked from the holiday antics that we didn’t really appreciate it. The setting is very sleek and modern and the menu really pushes the gourmet boundaries. I could have ordered anything on the menu. I can highly recommend the fried oysters andtuna and salmon tartare. Both are extraordinary and I look forward to going back one day to get the proper indulgent experience. 

I had been craving pizza all week. So, on our final night, Megs found La Lanterna di Vittorio in Greenwich Village and what a funky find. This is how Italian is supposed to be. Tightly packed, thick accents, mafia looking types huddled around corner tables in pinstripe three price suits. Lots of red wine and the heavenly smell of baking bread. It has a jazz bar in the basement and is probably the only place in New York that doesn’t offer gluten free, but the food is so good, no one cares. Megs and I split a tomatoes and goats cheese salad and their Formaggi pizza. Mike had a massive calzone with Canadian bacon, caramelised onions and capriono. No one mention the obvious healthy eating breach. Some nights the rules have to go out the window to enjoy the moment! 
I loved trying all these wonderful restaurants. It’s absolute brilliant and I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to enjoy what was on offer. Trying a new wonderful place is an absolute joy for me. So, this many in such a short period may seem a glutinous amount of fun, but hey, it was a holiday and there was a lot to celebrate.
If you are planning a trip to the Big Apple, a few no foodie related bits we got up to while we’re over there and would highly recommend; Comedy Cellar, walked The HighlineTrapeze School16 Handles for a load of fro-yo, 9/11 memorial is open and peacefully profound; rent bikes and cycle around Central Park, walk theBrooklyn Bridge, and of course, a bit of shopping… I mean, it’s New York, it would almost be criminal not too!

Aww, back to reality and off to castings for me.

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