“Dermalogica has always been the right choice”

October 26, 2017 by Elise Crombez

Elise Crombez Photography: Agata Pospieszynska Styled by: Charlie Harrington Hair: Kota Suizu Makeup: Marie Thomsen

Ever since I started, modeling and self-discovery as a woman have gone hand in hand.

Coming from a small Belgian beach town, raised in a family of men with an amazingly dedicated mother who didn’t pamper herself enough, I was destined to be a tomboy. I felt overwhelmed by the products, self-care rituals, different kinds of (expensive) facials, etc…

One day a friend gave me a gift certificate for a facial and the beauty specialist used Dermalogica. I was very impressed with how my skin looked but didn’t think to invest in (myself) the products. I started noticing the products on Make-Up Artists’s tables. A photographer’s assistant even lent me his Overnight Clearing Gel once!

Elise Crombez Dermalogica Vogue

Photographed by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue UK May 2005.

We get bombarded with advertisements, commercials, celebrities telling us what the best-kept secret is. It’s very confusing to find what is right for me.I quickly understood it was important to educate myself on skincare and ask professional advice. Dermalogica has always been the right choice in my opinion.

One of my rules is to never, ever… ever… go to bed without cleansing my face. It is the foundation to having a healthy skin (and eating right). Even when you don’t wear make-up that day, your skin goes through so much during the day, so much we don’t see. I live in NY now and I remember seeing how dark a cotton pad would be after a single swipe. I stopped using cotton pads because the pattern you see in them tend to scratch your face (invisible to the eye), so I needed an alternative. I used the daily superfoliant after washing my face with the special cleansing gel.

Dermalogica Elise Crombez

When I did research for my book ‘Model Your Body’, I read up a lot about what exfoliants are made of. It is scary to find out that some brands use tiny grains of plastic, bad for your skin and worse for the environment! My skin is important but so are the ethics of the brand. Knowing that Dermalogica is a cruelty-free and vegan company willing to go great lengths in order to keep that status.

When I first walked into my beauty specialist salon in Ghent, I saw the wide range of Dermalogica products and immediately knew she was the real deal. Unlike some beauticians, she tests everything on herself and educates herself on every product.

The active moist is perfect for NY all year round. It is hydrating without feeling a layer of moisturizer on your skin, which is the LAST thing you want on humid summer days. When necessary I mix some foundation in it to get an even base. A good nourishing cream will be your saviour on a plane, trust me. When people ask me what I do for my skin, I can honestly say: “I keep it simple and I educate myself.”

Elise Crombez

Photographer: Steven Meisel / Vogue Italia 2004

Can’t wait to get even older so I can dive into the whole AGE smart line. It is true that you have to be proactive when it comes to your skin, but I’ve had beauticians tell me I didn’t need age defying creams yet. Cleansing and exfoliating is essential at my age which is why I use the daily superfoliant from the AGE smart line.

It is more important to know what you can do for yourself first. Cleanse well, eat and live healthy, exercise (and sweat to cleanse your pores!), use natural products that are legit and be loving to yourself.

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