Changing Your Look for a Special Occasion

May 7, 2018 by Modellist-ID

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Most people who are interested in fashion and beauty, or have a career in the industry, are at pains to present themselves at their best throughout the day.

It’s as important for models and beauticians to look good as it is for SEO companies to have a superb website, or a store to have an eye-catching window display. Your look is your business, so if you are unkempt or frazzled, your clients aren’t going to be very impressed.

You’ve probably got a morning routine that involves meticulous attention to hair, make-up, clothing and accessories, and you might even feel you can’t leave the house if you haven’t got your face on. This isn’t vanity (well it could be in some instances!), but more a case of having good business sense. There’s just one problem with always looking good, and that’s how you make yourself look extra special when you have an important evening lined up.

Your style for the night will say a lot about you, and if you want to turn heads you need to wear something different to the kinds of clothes you usually favor. Dresses instead of pants are an obvious choice, or for men who usually favor pants, how about a kilt? You need to be making a statement and dressing in a style that is different your normal look to make an impact, and choosing something really daring or even outrageous will be sure to get you noticed.

If you usually wear pastels, go for striking blacks and shades of purple. If black is your everyday choice, pick something in bright primary colors and use white to emphasize the difference in your appearance.

Finding the very hottest look, or one that hasn’t made it off the catwalk yet, will be sure to get people talking, and if you can find clothing that is a talking point, like intelligent fabrics or materials made from unusual sources, you’ll be at the heart of the conversation.

A special occasion calls for some upmarket undies, so treat yourself to some new lingerie that will make you feel good in your outfit and flatter your figure. Many designs of underwear can be worn as part of your ensemble, rather than being hidden away beneath the clothes you’re wearing. Find some ideas by browsing the Internet, where there are plenty of online stores full of beautiful items of underwear, such as those you can view here.

Make sure that whatever you get fits you properly, because a chafing thong will ruin your evening and a corset that’s too tight will make you look – and feel – like you’re a sausage in a casing machine.

Go for the opposite of your regular style. If you wear heels every day, find some boots or sneakers in a design that complements your outfit, for example, some purple Doc Martens with your black and purple dress. Alternatively, try your hand at walking in some killer stilettos if you are normally seen wearing sneakers. Mix and match your look rather than sticking to any rules about only wearing heels with skirts and dresses, or flatties and boots with jeans.

Try a new style that is, or is close to, the opposite of your favorite looks. Go for chunky and flashy if you’re normally understated, and try a classic, delicate look if you’re known for your flamboyance. Wearing handcrafted jewelry will give you that exclusive edge ora collection of wristbands rather than your usual precious stones will draw attention to the alteration in your look. You can go really wild with scarves, purses, and belts, taking the opportunity to use these items as the focus for your outfit, rather than just an enhancement.

Contrasting colors and oversized pieces will emphasize the differences to your usual style, and you can experiment with adding items you wouldn’t normally wear, like a choker, anklet or hat.

Wear it up, in the style of a Roman goddess, or if it’s normally up, wear it down and give it a rolled in the hay feel. If your hair is short add spikes, or if you’ve got a crew cut shave some patterns into it. You could go for a different color too, and there are plenty of fresh color choices from the whole spectrum of the rainbow, not just the traditional blondes and brunettes to choose from. Your hair can make or break your outfit, so go for broke and completely transform it.

Go bold, and use strong shades of eyeshadow and lipstick rather than the natural daytime look. Use plenty of mascara and eyeliner, and maybe try a different method of applying the eyeliner or use a liquid instead of a pencil. Choose from a different color palette to your daytime selection, otherwise, no-one will spot the difference. You could even go radical and get some face-painting art done on your face, a trend that is growing in popularity right now. If you find a good artist, they can transform your face and turn you into anything you like.

While you’re at it, get your nails properly manicured and painted, and again go for the opposite colors to whatever you would call normal, i.e.pale or French manicure if you usually wear dark, bold colors, and a striking purple or orange shade if you’re normally a pale pink kind of person. Use nail art to add individuality and bring attention to your hands, and if your toenails are going to be on the show, don’t forget to match the design to your fingernails.

If you’ve found some inspiration here, go out and knock ‘emdead with your special look. If you’re still pondering what would be best, have a think about what you could do to change your look in a different way, that you feel more comfortable with. You could even turn up for the night in an oversized coat and dirty sneakers, and with no make-up on. It would certainly make an impression if no-one’s seen you like that before!

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