Global Beauty Trends: The Perception of Beauty Around the World April 20, 2019 | Modellist-ID editor The beauty standards set by the society we live in have tremendous influence on the styles and trends we are drawn to. They... Read more →
Fashion In 2019: Square vs Round Watch Faces April 16, 2019 | Modellist-ID editor Circular watch faces or square watch faces? That is the question. We have both going head to head in a battle of fashion and... Read more →
9 Simple Ways You Can Wear Skinny Jeans April 7, 2019 | Modellist-ID editor One of the best wardrobe investments you will ever make is buying a pair of skinny jeans. Quality jeans not only last you... Read more →
Elegance and sophistication
Elegance and sophistication – style tips for classy outfits  March 25, 2019 | Modellist-ID editor Fashion gives you the possibility to express your personality and creativity, so you should use your personal style to your... Read more →
sense of style
Maintain your sense of style updated and fresh with these fashion suggestions February 18, 2019 | Modellist-ID The way you choose to dress usually influences the way you are perceived when first interacting with someone. As much as you... Read more →
What to Wear for a Black Tie Event
What to Wear for a Black Tie Event February 7, 2019 | Modellist-ID Many people will only be able to indulge in a luxurious black tie event once or twice in their lives. With evening events... Read more →
fashion trends
THE TOP WOMEN’S FASHION TRENDS OF 2019 January 29, 2019 | Modellist-ID Whilst January often seems to be a month filled with sweaters, jeans, and sensible boots, it’s time to set our sights on... Read more →
financial well-being
Personal Finance Basics: How to Improve Your Financial Well-Being January 21, 2019 | Modellist-ID Struggling to make ends meet? Have you thought about changing your financial habits? Read on to learn all about personal... Read more →
wedding dress
When should you start Hunting for your wedding dress? January 14, 2019 | Modellist-ID Hunting for wedding dresses begins with a lot of anticipation. Women wait their whole life for their perfect wedding... Read more →
prom dress buy online fashion
7 Mistakes you should avoid when buying a prom dress online December 21, 2018 | Modellist-ID Buying your prom dress is one of the most important parts of the prom ritual, and your dress could literally make or break... Read more →


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