Shabby Chic, Dusseldorf – Off The Beaten Path December 17, 2013 | valerie First you enter a small bicycle park area, then up the stairs you arrive at the entrance of this nice place...... Read more →
The Rheinuferpromenade- Sit Down And Enjoy The Lovely View October 27, 2013 | Celine Prins The promenade on the bank of Rhine is one of the most beautiful ones in Germany, and it is situated on the correct side, the... Read more →
Medienhafen- Upcoming Quarter October 27, 2013 | Modellist-ID This once-dead old harbour area has been reborn as the Medienhafen, an increasingly hip quarter filled with architecture,... Read more →
Marktplatz- Historical Sites And Good Shopping October 27, 2013 | Modellist-ID Düsseldorf's quaint Altstadt, a mostly pedestrianised web of lanes hugging the Rhine, is rightly (in)famous for its raucous... Read more →
Hetjens Museum- History Of Ceramic Art And Movie-makin October 27, 2013 | Celine Prins A short detour off the Rheinufer promenade takes you to the Hetjens Museum, known for its survey of 8000 years of ceramic... Read more →
Benrath Palace And Park Fondation- Beautiful Surroundings October 27, 2013 | Modellist-ID Elector Carl Theodor was a man of deep pockets and good taste, as reflected in his exquisite pleasure palace and gardens,... Read more →
Holmes Place- Stay Fit And Relax October 27, 2013 | Celine Prins Holmes Place offers an ideal opportunity to work on your fitness, high level training or, if you desire, simply relax in the... Read more →
Apollo- Variaty Theater In Dusseldorf October 27, 2013 | Modellist-ID The Apollo Variety is a widely known variety a with monthly changing programme. The Apollo has a great history in the city... Read more →
Rib Powerboat- River Excitement October 27, 2013 | Modellist-ID Another spectacular way to experience Düsseldorf is from the water. The RIB boat is also known as the 4x4 of the water.... Read more →
Fuerts Place- Get Your Hair Done October 26, 2013 | Celine Prins Very nice salon to get a beautiful haircut. Aron Cichon is the owner of the place and his magical hands are well worth a... Read more →


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