Interview With Dutch Artist Toshy November 9, 2016 | Modellist-ID "Life has so much to offer so I don’t like to sleep."... Read more →
Crealier Charlotte Goyvaerts
Créalier August 11, 2016 | Charlotte Goyvaerts Model, actress and entrepreneur Charlotte Goyvaerts about her company Créalier. Read more!... Read more →
Freedom is never dear at any price; it is the breath of life
Freedom is never dear at any price; it is the breath of life August 4, 2016 | Rozemarijn Jens Refugee is not a tribe; it is a word to describe a person that is fleeing. Currently, a majority of the refugees are stuck... Read more →
art this week
Best Model Instagrams of the Week July 1, 2016 | Chloe Haldane Dive into a world of glamorous model art creations and find out how doodling can benefit your brain! ... READ MORE...... Read more →
jeffrey robinson
Life Besides Modeling – Jeffrey Robinson February 5, 2016 | Modellist-ID We caught up with Canadian model Jeffrey Robinson who let us into the secrets behind his life of art.... Read more →
“perceptions Of Reality” July 4, 2015 | Mauro Bex Ancient philosophers, Scientists, Masters, etc… show us that there is a large spectrum of ideas and theories about the... Read more →
Antonia Juric Fashion Model Byward Market
Antonia’s Model Hotspot: Byward Market (ottawa) March 17, 2015 | Antonia Juric I love the Byward Market because there is always something to do, it’s filled with great places to eat and to go out. In... Read more →
Wanted: Fresh Faces For New Art Project November 3, 2014 | Modellist-ID Based on your current work / portfolio do you think that you are the suitable model that can help me make the next... Read more →
Interactive Play Sheds Light On My Life’s Failures – By Fashion Model Jenny Bahn May 23, 2014 | Jenny Bahn I’m the one waiting outside of a boarded-up building, about to see an interactive play by myself. We wait in the dark,... Read more →
What Your Tumblr Costs In Real Life – By Fashion Model Member Jenny Bahn May 1, 2014 | Jenny Bahn A "Photographs” sale in NYC got me thinking about the real cost of the Internet’s rapid misappropriation of... Read more →


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