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July 6, 2016 by Modellist-ID

Demi Jonk Fashion Model Interview Photo: dewerf studio

We caught up with the gorgeous, Demi Jonk , to hear about her career, her dreams and the pressures of the modeling industry.


Hi Demi, it’s been a while since we last talked.What’s been going on in your life and modeling career?
Hi!! Yes the first time we talked I just signed my first contract with an agency abroad (Wilhelmina), my modeling career just started that time. I can’t believe that’s already more than 6 months ago!
In the meantime I also got signed with Blow models, MP management and IMM Europe. I was able to work a few times in London, a month in Madrid and currently I am in Milan. Traveling is so much fun and I am so grateful that modeling provides me to explore the world.

What are the difficulties and misconceptions you came across in the modeling industry?
One misconception about modeling is that all it requires is a pretty face. This is definitely not true. It requires determination, persistence, motivation, a good attitude, courage and so much more.

Demi Jonk Interview Fashion Model Milan

Photo with Javier Ausin for PACHA MAGAZINE @ spain – Blow models

What would you change about the modeling industry?
I really hope that in the future the models don’t have to be this skinny anymore. People say it is already improving, but unfortunately I don’t see it at all.

What is ‘your market’ and why?
Together with my mother agency and Wilhelmina we recently decided to cut my hair short (25 cm shorter). They think I’m more high fashion like this. Everyone has long hair and now I am different so it’s good for example for fashionweek.
When I was on stay in Madrid for a month I worked every day, sometimes even twice a day! However, in Germany they think my face is too ‘unique’ for the industry there. Many people tell me that my face is perfect for Tokyo, but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been there yet.

What’s your favorite place to hangout in Milan?
My favorite area in Milan is definitely Porta Genova, it’s one of the most old-fashioned districts in Milan. The Navigli canals are so beautiful and this area is also very popular for the nightlife.
My favorite place to have lunch or breakfast is at the ‘Juicebar’, everything is healthy and tastes so good. For the best ‘gelato’ I go to ‘Ciocolati Italiani’ near Duomo, they put melted chocolate inside your ice cream cone!

Demi Jonk Fashion Model Interview Wilhelmina Models

Photo by Maud Maillart @ london – Wilhelmina London

Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?
When I first started modeling I was shy sometimes while shooting, because everything was new. Nowadays I never get shy in front of the camera because I have experience. Sometimes you do something weird and than it turns out they actually used that picture to publish in the magazine!

What do you love to do in your spare time?
When I’m in a city I’ve never been I always love to just stroll around in-between castings. I prefer walking instead of the metro or bus, because then you are able to see much more.
I also go to the gym here in Milan and I like to go out in the weekends with the other models.

What is something you dream about experiencing?
From when I was a kid I dreamed of my bridal dress, so I would love to model for a bridal brand.
My second goal for now is to go to my agency in New York (Wilhelmina), I’ve never been to America and it has always been on my top 3 list of traveling places. My agencies are currently trying to get my work visa, so I hope to go there soon!!

Demi Jonk Fashion Model Interview Blow Models

May issue of KLUID MAGAZINE – Blow models

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