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March 5, 2018 by Melissa Blaauwendraad

Jeremy Ziessen model interview

About a year ago we did an interview with Jeremy Ziessen, he told us about how he got discovered, his life as a model and more.  How is he doing at the moment? Let’s catch up with this handsome!

Nationality: Dutch

Agencies: Francina Models

Milestones: My second big shop window in the Amsterdam city centre

Current location: Cologne, Germany

About a year ago we did an interview with you, how did you experience 2017?
Yeah, wow, time flies! I had an absolute blast this past year. I saw it as my warming-up for 2018! I worked with great clients and fantastic teams. I signed a new contract with Francina Models, an agency based in Barcelona and Madrid. Looking back, 2017 gave me a lot of opportunities to help me get even better jobs in 2018. I am driving my car to Cologne as we speak because I am booked for an e-commerce shoot at Snipes. The fact that I enjoy every job keeps me the most motivated to continue!

What was the best shoot or catwalk show you did the past year?
It remains an honor to shoot for brands that have confidence in you as a model. Every job is different and that is why my work is so much fun. It’s hard to say what was the best job in the past year… I am still very proud of my large shop window that is shown in the city center of Amsterdam (Kings Square). This huge campaign photo came so unexpectedly! I worked with brands like Tommy Hilfiger, too. I can’t choose!

You told us doing a CK campaign was your big model dream. Did this happen already?
Unfortunately, I can’t call this a wrap yet… but yeah, it’s still my big model dream! About two months ago I went to a requested Calvin Klein casting in Amsterdam, although I was not confirmed for the job, it was good to be there. Maybe one step closer?

Jeremy Ziessen model interview

Do you travel a lot for work, if so, to where mostly?
I am based in the Netherlands right now because I am in the final year of my bachelor. For now, I only make direct-bookings abroad. I am not going “on-stay” (like they call it nowadays). However, I hope I graduate before summer, so I can start modeling full time this August. I can’t wait! My first destination will be Barcelona or Madrid and I’m very excited for that!

What are your plans for the future?
I Actually answered this in the previous question. I hope I will be able to become a full-time model.

If you weren’t modeling, what was your profession?
As you might now (or have seen on my Instagram) I love to take pictures, as well. If I weren’t going to be a model, I would end up being the guy behind the camera. I think it is cool to create and produce creative concepts. My interest in photography will not be lost in the coming years, so who knows… When I am old and grey… ha!

Jeremy Ziessen

What is your holiday destination for this year, and with whom are you going?
I recently went to Marrakech and to Milan. And I just planned a weekend trip to Paris with a good friend of mine. For me, it is easy to combine shorter trips like these with my school schedule and work. And it’s super fun! I did not make plans for this summer yet, but maybe that is something personal. I always book trips last minute. So I don’t know where to go next, yet. Any recommendations? 😉

What is your favorite hotspot in your hometown?
Let’s use Amsterdam is my hometown (I live nearby). I recently visited a hotspot called: De Tulp (“The Tulip”). It’s a super cool bar and they have really tasty tapas-like food. It’s one of my new favorite hotspots for sure. Oh, and after 11 pm, in the weekends, they move the tables to the sides to make room for dancing!

How is your study Tourism Management going at the moment?
Quit well actually, I am now in the final phase of my studies. So, I am very busy with writing my final thesis. This makes it more difficult to work much because I am not very flexible at the moment. So for now, let’s kick some ass the coming five months in order to receive my diploma this summer!

Jeremy Ziessen

Do you have a favorite slogan or motto?
Just do it. I find this one really strong, even though it’s a little cliché. In the past three years, I have learned to set insecurity aside. You got to believe in yourself! Are you dreaming of something big? But do you think you’re failing at a specific point? Then just take a step back, but promise me, only do this when you take three steps forward the next time. Just do it.

Do you have any model friend you would like to see presented on Modellist-ID?
I think Nicky Libert has an interesting story to share! Ask him how he was discovered… 😉

Melissa Blaauwendraad Content/Communication Intern at Modellist-ID Traveling is my biggest passion, the gym is my happy place, I love having a healthy lifestyle and my biggest interest is everything that has to do with the fashion industry. I hope I can get a bit closer to my goals by being a part of the Modellist-ID - team.


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