Castings In Cape Town, What To Do?

February 4, 2014 by Mendy Smits

Mendy Smits Castings Cape Town

So, I’m in Cape Town for the season and having such an amazing time. It’s my second time in town and I’m still madly in love with this stunning city…

As a model in Cape Town you do a lot of castings. Between 1 and 4 castings a day is pretty normal around here, for TVC as for print jobs. Introduction, profiles, showing hands, I bet you know the drill 😉

Some castings are easy to do, but for most castings you really have to act a bit. And that’s where it could get hard and awkward for most of us 😉

I’ve had a lovely evening last night with Celine Prins (founder of Modellist-ID) and Erik Reisinger at the rooftop terrace of the Cape Royal Hotel. They’re both models and amazing personalities. We were telling each other memorable stories about the most ridiculous, fun, awkward, nice, amazing castings we’ve done so far. We came to the conclusion that doing a casting the right way is really not easy sometimes. I’ve made a to-do and not-to-do list for what I think is important for casting. Be aware of the fact that these tips are meant for castings in Cape Town. Every country has is own casting manners and ‘rules’ of course 🙂


– Wear something that makes you feel good and pretty. If they have given you wardrobe directions, always combine it with something you feel comfortable in. Do not dress yourself like a total different person.

– Make sure that you do wear a bit make-up, but keep it really natural and fresh.

– Always walk in with confidence. Not to confuse with arrogance!! Shine, smile, and keep it natural with lots of positive energy.

– If you don’t understand the casting directions/storyboard, just ask if they want to explain it to you again. I know, it’s sometimes hard cause some casting directors are not very patient. But, think about the fact that you need and want to do the casting the right way so just ask again and stay calm.

– Always give energy during castings. I’ve had moments where I had to do the most silly things, but if you do it with energy and lot’s of confidence they will forget about the fact you may looked a bit silly 😉

– It can often happen that you have to do your casting performance not only for the casting director and/or client, but also for a couple of models as well. They often call a couple of people in to the room and you all have to sit and watch each other perform. If that happens, try to pretend they’re not there. It will make you nervous, I know, but think about the fact that they are as nervous as you are. Because they are in the same situation so push yourself to give it all you’ve got!


– Try to don’t ever look like you’re not really into doing the casting at that moment. A lack of energy will be seen in your performance and will do you no good.

– Try to not focus on all the stunning models in the waiting room. I’ve been in a thousand situations when I found myself the least suitable person for that particular job, and in the end I got the job just by staying true to myself. Of course everybody is insecure sometimes, but try to push yourself to believe in your skills and beauty and nail that casting.

– Do not over-act your casting. Rather stay a bit more natural and let them see you’re giving them all you’ve got, instead of over-acting and pretending to be someone you’re not.

Oh and guys, don’t forget to take of the casting sticker which is on your left boob when you leave the casting.. Yes, admit that you’ve forgotten about that as much as I have.. 😉


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