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March 31, 2012 by Angela-willemse

Every woman has an opinion about hers: too small, too big, too flat, too round, too jiggly, too fat, too sloppy, too muscular, too narrow, too wide, too much cellulite, too much striae or just perfect. They come in pear shape, apple shape and pancake shape.

Love your booty

Whatever the appearance or shape may be, just for the sake of the functionality of your booty, you just HAVE to love yours. Without a booty, you won’t have a comfortable seat and you won’t be able to move your legs.

Another reason why you should love your booty, is that it is considered as a sexual emblem, evolutionairy meant to attract the opposite sex. Having trouble finding Mister/Misses Right (now)? Are you showing off your booty well enough? 😉 Once you’re hooked, don’t forget the booty is an erogenous zone. Skip the rest, go for the best!

Beauty ideal

In general, the Western beauty ideal on the booty is a full, but not extremely large size, with a round or athletic shape. It’s quite different from the Latino beauty ideal, where they like bigger booties. In Brazil for instance, having curves is a beauty ideal and butt implants are a common phenomena. Asia is the extreme of the Latin countries; if you have a pancake booty, your chances on attracting Mister/Misses Right (now) are higher here. You can consider moving to Asia, or you can work that booty, creating a little bit of fullness in your jeans.

Work it!

How? Just click here to go to the iPhone App Store to download the free Daily Butt Workout. With 10 different 5 to 10 minute butt workouts demonstrated by your own virtual personal trainer, this application will help you create a little junk in the trunk, tighten a sloppy bottom, firm or lift your gluteus visibly. The application comes complete with video and timer. The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to pay gym contribution or leave your house to go to the gym and you can workout your behind any time you want!

What are you waiting for? Download the app and as soon as you wake up tomorrow morning, jumo out of bed and start transforming that booty!

See picture above: One of the butt workouts. Who wouldn’t want a bump like hers?

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Angela-willemse Angela Willemse is an international fashion model from the Netherlands, signed at De Boekers and other international a-list modeling agencies. She is an expert by experience on the fields of sports and nutrition. On her website she shares information about how to get a great body and skin. She is currently finishing her master education in Communication Science. Do you want to know more about Angela? Take a look at:


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