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July 1, 2016 by Chloe Haldane

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This week model members got creative! Dive into a world of glamorous model art creations and find out how doodling can benefit your brain! …

The gorgeous Eline Van Haasteren shared a shot of her results of a late night doodle session.

Late night drawings..? #daydreaming #flowerpower ?????

A photo posted by ELINE VAN HAASTEREN (@elinevanhaasteren) on

Studies have shown that doodling has a hugely positive effect on the minds of designers and journalists as it frees up short- and long-term memory allowing for a produce of creative insight!


Model, Private Chef, Entrepreneur, Fitness Founder of ‘Model Fit Meals’ AND artist Britt McElheny shares her alluring artwork.

Whether you´re a born artist or not grabbing a paint brush can have amazing advantages for your mental health. Painting allows your brain to reach a meditative-like state giving your brain a break from your everyday thoughts.


Giaro Giarratana  snaps a sky shot in Death Valley: Mojave Desert during a road trip.


A photo posted by Giaro Giarratana ?? ?LA (@giarogiarratana) on

Photography is a great way to appreciate, understand and capture the beauty of your surroundings. There´s no better way to hold a memory, spark inspiration, grow gratitude and lower blood pressure all at the same time!


Getting creative on instagram this week, Janine Weixler´s stylish shot is a strong favorite.

#modeling #feelinghappy #summertime #bikini #shoot #fotomone #timepassesby #memorieslastforever

A photo posted by @janine_weixler on

For models Instagram is almost like a second portfolio, a place to reach the masses and draw attention. Keeping it creative shows character and helps you stand out in a crowd!


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