Beauty on holidays: travel size essentials

September 8, 2015 by Julia Theunis

Here is a summary of what I usually take with me when I go a few days on holidays.

A good shampoo/ hair protector

beauty on holiday - julia's favorite shampoo

Indeed, after a sunny day it’s important to take care of your hair, it becomes damaged or drier than usual.

I like using Klorane shampoo and conditioner, which are French products you can buy in pharmacies, they work with a lot of different plants and natural components.

 A perfect mascara

beauty on holiday - julia's favorite mascarasOn holidays or days off, I try to use few make up in order to let my skin breathe. According to me, the use of a good mascara for the day it’s enough (especially if you’re already a little bit suntanned). I prefer a waterproof mascara if I go to the beach or the pool. I use YSL mascara, or the Yves Rocher sexy pulp.

Mini nail polish

beauty on holiday - julia's favorite nail polishI never forget to put/ take with me some nail polish, I like colors, and change my nails polish several times on holidays J. A day it can be pastel color and the day after a flashy shade.

I like minis O.P.I nails polish, they propose a lot of choices, sometimes it’s difficult to choose one among all the possibilities 😉

Some oil/ aftersun

beauty on holiday - julia's favorite oilsAfter a long day, your skin needs to be hydrated and sublimated… After the shower, don’t hesitate to use and abuse of aftersun cream, or oil. I like Caudalie and Nuxe products. I use this really nice NUXE oil ‘’huile prodigieuse Or’’, that’s also perfect if you’re going out at night, this one shines like gold… A must;have size essentials.

A sun protector

beauty on holiday - julia's favorite sunprotectorLast but not least, a sun protector is essential, I use a 30 protection factor minimum, I’m a brunette with a not so pale skin, and I usually use a 50 factor in the middle of the day when the sun is burning. Take care of your skin 🙂

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