Based in a Suitcase

April 14, 2017 by Dorith Mous

Based in a suitcase

Traveling…that thing one does to escape the old rut or open one’s mind. Expand one’s universe or simply break one’s patterns. Photos of exotic-, far away places are decorating people’s screensavers and savings accounts are emptied after job loss and break ups to go find adventure in the foreign land.

There’s the backpackers, the package-dealers, the citytrippers. Others travel as a lifestyle. Gypsies and nomads have been traveling from A to B, or even to Y and Z for centuries. Then there’s the nine-to-five-internationals, the carry-on-pencil-skirts and the briefcase-businessmen. Some grey area in between and last but not least: the Jetsetters. The full- time visitors that are never really a tourist. That’s me. Lucky bastard that I am.

In the past ten years I have been based in three places, lived in more than ten and traveled to more than a hundred. I have never for one second taken for granted what I was given during my years on the job. It is to die for. However, there are several things that define who I am that I cannot always just find on my doorstep wherever I am; nature, humor, art, and the one people least expect of me…luxury.

Don’t get me wrong, I call it a luxury to have a roof over my head and a faucet that squirts out drinking water, let alone hot water! A running toilet and clothes on my back go a long way too if you ask me. But no, I mean luxury in the frequent-flyer-kinda-way. The take-a-driver-to-the- airport-kinda-grandeur.

It’s not something I need all the time… on the contrary, I’m not a brat, but when spending hours and hours on planes and night after night alone in a hotel room, eating a meal on your own in an empty restaurant cause you don’t have a clue where to find something decent, you start understanding why luxury exists. Things or places that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, merely by their look or -convenience.

So, I started a series of articles about how I found my little parts of luxury. Through secrets and gems as well as commonly known and well respected establishments.
On my travels I collected my favorite spots and will share them with you now.
Starting in the city of lights; Paris.

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