Bad hair day: ain’t nobody got time for that!

April 29, 2016 by Laela Vastrick

laela kerastase bad hair day

I got asked by Modellist-ID to undergo a hair treatment from Kérastase and of course I said yes. Because hey don’t we all just want beautiful and healthy hair? Like Marilyn Monroe said: ‘In Hollywood a girls virtue is much less important than her hairdo.’ Now we aren’t in Hollywood but yeah that’s how important it is. Therefore consciously caring for your hair should be a daily habit. It’s unfortunate that we don’t appreciate what we have until it changed. So don’t take your hair for granted!

I never used to take care of my hair when I was younger, I would maybe brush it in the morning, washed it now and then with some random shampoo for whatever hair type and that would be all. But now, with everything that happens to my hair because of my job, I really need to respect my hair and take good care of it.

Last year my hair got damaged quite badly, I had to take treatment after treatment and spent so much time at hairdressers until someone recommended me Kerastase, from that moment I used it ever since. This was for me a turning point to put my effort in taking care for my hair.

When I arrived at the Kérastase salon my hair was full with products from a shooting of the previous day, kind of a out of bed look goes bad. Very bad. So yes I could use a treatment! Like I told you before I had very good experience with Kerastase already, so I expected nothing but the best.

I see the hairdresser also a little bit as a relaxation moment. Maybe this sounds weird to you because people do my hair all the time, but they actually don’t take care of my hair, they just make sure it looks good on a photo. I can enjoy the thought of my hair being shiny and healthy. Of course I can appreciate a good head massage that comes with it too… If your hair is done properly you can get away with anything.

After the treatment my hair was back! I already use the Kérastase shots every time I go to my hairdresser but this was an ultra shot. My hair felt smooth, shiny and strong.

Kérastase asked me what my hair habits are. I obviously never paid attention on that, but it’s funny how we all have our hair behaviour…

What are yours?

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