How to Protect Your Bad Back from Further Damage

October 1, 2018 by Modellist-ID

bad back damage prevent

When your back is already in pain, the last thing you want to do is make your condition worse. Regardless of whether its problems with your spine or troubles with your muscles that you suffer with, you don’t want further damage to occur.

To ensure that you don’t suffer such damage in the future, you have to resolve to do all you can to protect your back against it now. It means treating your ailments with more respect, changing your daily habits, and taking the comprehensive pieces of advice found below.


  1. Work on your posture

If it’s a pain in your lower back that you suffer with primarily, to prevent further damage, you have to work on your posture. You need to do so because poor posture places unnecessary amounts of pressure on your back and can even cause your discs to slip and degenerate

When it comes to working on your posture, the first thing you must do is work with your spine’s natural curvature rather than against it. Importantly, this means only ever sitting in ergonomic chairs or those that have added support. Also, if you spend most of your day sitting down, you should be getting up and walking around at least once every hour.


  1. Sleep on a firm mattress

There isn’t much else better for your back than you sleeping on a nice, firm mattress each night. By doing so, your back will receive the support it needs to truly relax, and only when it relaxes in this fashion will it be able to recuperate while you sleep.

When you come to choose the mattress that is perfect for your back-pain-prevention needs, you must, first, determine what kind of a sleeper you are. Where, how, and on what side you sleep makes a massive difference in this instance, so finding out about your sleeping habits is a must.

Once you unearth these habits, you should get to work right away in finding the mattress that best suits your needs. Saatva Mattress reviews give a comprehensive insight into how firm this type of mattress is, as well as the kinds of support it offers to all sorts of sleepers. This is the type of advice you need to be taking in your quest to source the perfect mattress.


  1. Always lift correctly

If you’re serious about preventing further problems from occurring with your back, both in your short- and long-term future, then you have to lift things correctly at all times. When you come to do this, remember to put most of the pressure onto your legs. They can handle the weight, and they can afford to come under more force, so you should use them to power each and every lift that you make.

If you don’t want your back to suffer from further problems going forward, then you have to take protecting it in the present day very seriously. It means working on your posture, sleeping on a firm and comforting mattress, and resolving to always lift with correct form.


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