Backstage with Georgina Kooij at Paris Fashion Week

March 12, 2016 by Georgina Kooij

Beginning of March it’s fashion week in Paris! That means it’s not only the week of all the fashion shows, but also of the showrooms. Buyers from all over the world come to visit…

During Fashion Week all the hotels and restaurants in Paris are fully booked. In the showrooms the collections have to be fitted and showed on models. So it is a very busy week for models in Paris.

This week I am working for Maison Margiela, same as in January. That’s why I didn’t need to do a casting. But all castings for the shows and showrooms are starting last minute. That’s why the bookers at the agency (for me that is Women in Paris) are also working during the weekend.

I am happy to work again with the same team as in January, since there’s a super nice atmosphere in the team. In one week you spend a lot of time together, so therefore we really get to know each other in a short time. What I like about my job is that I get to meet a lot of people!

Georgina Kooij

The Maison Margiela Team

On Thursday we start with a presentation for the people who are working at Maison Margiela, so they get to know everything about the collection.

On Friday we are starting at the showroom around 8am to get our hair and make up done. And we work until 7pm. That will also be our schedule for about the next 9 days.

On Saturday I wont be in the showroom for half a day because I am working for Dior.

I really like the new collection of Dior, especially the sunglasses. Unfortunately we have to wait 6 months before it comes in the stores. 😉

After 9 days of hard working, it is time to relax in the weekend…
In my next blog I will share some of my favorite places to hangout during my days off in Paris so stay tuned;)!

X Georgina

Georgina Kooij Modellife

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