Back To The Island – By Vivian Hoorn

October 7, 2013 by Vivian Hoorn

I went on a super relaxing vacation to Ibiza last weak. And coming back, everybody asked me: ‘You must’ve been partying till dawn?’ And as the though girl that I am, I said: ‘Yeah’. But to be honest, I did the exact opposite. The only alcohol I drank were 2 glasses of Sangria. And I haven’t even seen a nightclub from the inside. Maybe it is because I’m really into working out lately and I’ve been training so much, that I needed to rest. But the plus side was, that I got to see Ibiza in a whole new light. The way it is supposed to be. Pure, relaxing and beautiful. So I will share some of the most beautiful things of Ibiza with you.

Everywhere I go, I am searching for inspiration. Sluiz is a store, and it is full of it. A nice thing for us Dutchies is that the owners are Dutch. Everywhere you look, you’ll want things, feel things, smell things. When you want to cry because you can’t buy anything but just be happy of all the beautiful things, you have to go to Code. Maybe your wallet is more suited for this store than mine. If so, lucky you! You also need to visit a Hippie Market, there are a lot of them in Ibiza, but I went to Las Dalias. Make sure you go in the morning, otherwise it will get to hot and crowded. You certainly have to visit Ibiza Boheme, this sweet lady had the most beautiful gilets!

A really lovely place to go for lunch, is La Paloma. The food is amazing and authentic made. Prepared with the best ingredients, you’ll feel like you are in heaven when you drink one of their fresh smoothies or have a bite of their lovely quiche. For some nice tapas you have to go to La Bodega. Do make sure you make reservation, and ask for a table outside. Order melted cheese with tomato bread. It is the best thing you will ever taste. And don’t worry, you don’t have to feel guilty. Because you’ll be able to swim in the beautiful ocean the next day.

A nice beach to visit is Ses Salines. The water is so clear and you can see so many little fishes. Also El Chiringuito is my favorite, they have the best food combined with lovely, soft beds and great music. And for the ultimate summer and vacation feeling, you have to drive your car to Portinatx and just search for a nice spot to lay down on your towel, relax and enjoy your oh so lovely vacation.

Are you feeling like going on holiday to Ibiza yet?

If you want to see more pictures of my trip, check out my blog: and instagram: vhby

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Vivian Hoorn Vivian Hoorn is a 21 year old girl from Amsterdam. Starting as a model, she dreamed of being a stylist. At this moment she is studying at Artemis Styling Academy in Amsterdam, after graduating her goal has changed from becoming a fashionstylist to becoming a event/wedding planner in Italy. " I can't wait to be a part of the most special day in someone's life". However, first she has to discover more about hereself and the world, not an easy thing to do when every day has it's challenges and every person his or her own manual.


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