Aquabumps – Photography Dedicated To Beach Life

November 8, 2013 by Modellist-ID

The stunning photography exhibited at Aquabumps, one of the most loved galleries in Sydney, features images of surfers, along with everyday Bondi scenes of crowded beaches, morning joggers and sunsets. Eugene also shoots from an aerial and underwater perspective – look out for his hauntingly beautiful series of underwater nudes, swimming in the aquamarine depths off Bondi. His blog, a daily documentary shot between the hours of 6am and 7am, is followed by thousands of people from Australia and around the world. If you like what you see, head to his Bondi gallery, which sells art-canvas copies of the photographs he takes at the beach every single morning. They can frame any image, though you must give at least two weeks notice.

Address: 151 Curlewis Street, Sydney

Telephone number: +61 (2) 9130 7788


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