Antonia’s Model Hotspot: Byward Market (ottawa)

March 17, 2015 by Antonia Juric

Antonia Juric Fashion Model Byward Market

One of my favourite hotspots in Canada has to be the Byward Market in Ottawa, Ontario.

I go to school about a five minute walk from the Market which is a few blocks of streets surrounded by Parliament, the Rideau Canal, Rideau shopping center, the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of Nature and many other historical sites and popular landmarks. Inside the market there are always local vendors selling food, arts and crafts. You can usually find any type of food you’re looking for; beaver tails, specialty cupcakes, Asian cuisine, Indian, Thai, the list goes on.

I love the Byward Market because there is always something to do, it’s filled with great places to eat and to go out. In the summer all the restaurants have their patios set up, there are flowers everywhere and it’s actually very beautiful.

I highly recommend if you’re ever in the area to take a few hours and walk around. I always find a new store or restaurant worth checking out.


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