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May 26, 2015 by Emily Ekong

So there I went to Voorthuizen for the Hannah Xperience. Although I normally don’t get nervous for a new treatment, the anticipation grew as I got onto train number 3 and I started to wonder more and more what this exact Xperience would be.


Can I just mention how striking the environment is around the original Hannah location? Who cares about the trees and fresh air? Well I think it does add to the Xperience as a whole – it just all seems so clean, clear and natural. A true reflection of the Hannah brand.

Once entered, I had a quick tea and then off to the intake session done by Mariëlle Eggenkamp. Besides your name, address, phone number and the usual data they also need to know more nitty gritty stuff such as your daily eating habits, menstrual cycle, bad habits (smoking, drinking etc.) sleeping pattern, allergies and medicine use. You wonder why the answers to any of the questions related to the things just mentioned should be off any interest for your Hannah specialist, but your skin being your largest organ it’s largely affected by everything you do. I have a couple of things I’m not proud off which I had to come clear about, and you know what? Actually having to mention these things made me reevaluate if I ought to continue drinking liters of coffee and diet coke – something I’ve drastically changed since my appointment.

Cool gadget alert!! The Visio Face machine is a camera in which you place your head so that pictures can be taken from different angles yet with the same light intensity and distance in order to get controlled results. Pore galore and pimple heaven (in my case)- everything is captured on camera so that you get the right Xperience treatment. Sad part to see was the damage my skin had undergone by UV radiation.

The treatment room is a place of ultimate relaxation. The massage chair is comfortable and warm, the towels soft and the lighting dim. Here my skin was measured with the Skin Analyzer H99 2.0 which showed information about my stratum corneum, moisture content, fat in my skin, the pH, melanin and erythema.

The moisture content should be 60 or higher and I scored a very low 29.

The fat content should be between 25 and 45, yet mine only hit the 9 on my cheeks and 13 on my forehead. The pH should be between 4.5 and 5.5, I scored a 5.6. The melanin and erythema must be in proportion to each other. The value of melanin needs to be doubled and have 5 added to give the recommended value of erythema. If the erythema is higher than that, then the skin is very sensitive or irritated. My melanin score was 45 and erythema 46 so despite the pimple spread and pore galore it wasn’t irritated or sensitive.

The Hannah treatment is based on 5 steps:






My skin was cleaned with the Cleansing Oil because it is best suited for skins with odd contents of fat (either very dry or or very oily, mine was very dry, remember ;-)). After that my skin was further cleaned with the Sensitive Skin Lotion and peeled with the Enzymatic Skin Peeling (which does not have grains but does burn a little). The softening ingredients in combination with the soft hot towel allow for the dead stratum corneum cells to literally be wiped away. For the neckline a scrub is used with vitamin B3 which stimulates a strong circulation.

I’ve honestly considered having a microwave in my bathroom now to copy-paste the divine Xperience at home. The hot vapour from the towels softens the skin and the stratum corneum so that the creams and any other goodies like serums and vitamins can go deeper into the skin. Warming the skin also helps for a better circulation…

The Vitamin Complex is a spray containing vitamins which hydrates the skin and lets the subsequent creams flow into your skin even better. A tissue massage with the Opulence Serum (contains 20% vitamin C) stimulates production of collagen and elastin for that #foreveryoung look. The Fade Treatment cream literally fades away any irregularities in skin tones (I have a couple of spots I’ve picked and thus remain visible up to today) and the Touch of Silk is a miracle in a jar. That cream puts a silky glow over your face – it’s like photoshop in a jar (move over BB/CC creams).

A big learning I take away from this Xperience is that no cream is ever going to get into your skin if it’s dry or the stratum corneum is thick. I’ve also started taking lots of extra vitamins, particularly vitamin D. And if there’s one thing you ought to take away from this post, is that cleansing and hydrating is so so important. In this industry it’s so important to take care of your skin (and we want to look like Pharrell Williams does today at age 45) that the minutes spent daily now, wil exponentially generate energy for your skin now and in the future. 

My bathroom shelf has transformed as well as my routine. Of course I still combine with products I’ve been using which I feel comfortable with, and as Mariëlle the skin-coach explained: “You don’t have to be radical to create miracles, use and combine at your comfort for the best results.”

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