Andreja Pejic And Transgender Acceptance In The Fashion Industry

September 1, 2015 by Chloe Haldane

Transgender acceptance in the fashion industry has crossed a huge milestone with beauty queen Andreja Pejic landing an honorable role as the new face for Makeup Forever.

Andreja Pejic model

Advertising in beauty companies is becoming increasingly more modern and accepting however it wasn’t always so plausible to remould the industry’s outdated ideals. Andreja explained of the hardship in a recent Forbes interview, “I struggled to find an agency in London because no one knew whether they should put me in the men’s board or the women’s board … There was a lot of uncertainty about my commercial viability.”

A momentous moment in improving and advancing our society, Trans models are making history each month. Along side the beautiful blonde Andreja Pejic, Lea T and the ever famous Caitlyn Jenner have had a profound effect on lowering transgender discrimination which has decreased from 90% in the workplace in 2011 to 47% in the past months according to the National Transgender Discrimination surveys.

Andreja Pejic model

Andreja Pejic is a true style inspiration and natural beauty. Sophisticated chic and elegance and full brows make her one to watch in the commercial world.

Andreja Pejic transgender model bikini

Catch more of this femme fatale on Instagram @andrejapejic and keep up to date with her busy life on snapchat @andrejapejic

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