Amsterdam Fashion Week – By Makeup Artist Cristina Vila

July 26, 2013 by Cristina Vila

Amsterdam Fashion Week –  12th – 16th July 2013.

This season I had the great chance to be a part of Amsterdam Fashion Week together with a great team of makeup artist from the agency House of Orange.

All the shows are sponsored by Maybelline but we were also allowed to use products from other brands. And we do get some nice goodie bags!

I did one show a day except for the last one, where I worked as a makeup artist for a press event for Maybelline (more goodie bags!). I also worked on the opening show for the week, which was my absolute favorite.

These are the looks for each of the shows I worked on:

Friday 12 – Show Spijkers & Spijkers  (opening show for the week) 


Brigitte Bardot inspired lots of individual fake eyelashes paired with a green shade all over the top eyelid and the brow bone. Very natural skin yet quite matte with same shaping, blush and glitter on the top of the cheekbone. Filled-in brows and very subtle red lips brought by the master of red lipstick Ellis Faas. 

Saturday 13 – show Fredfarrowbrittavelontan

Relaxed, effortless makeup. Matte skin with some shine on key areas, shaping and bronzer on cheeks. Filled-in brows, drawn bushy. Some girls also had white stripes under the eyes. Nothing on lips but Vaseline when needed. No eyeshadow and transparent mascara on the eyelashes. 

Sunday 14 – show Vibrant Pakistan


Matte skin with shaping on the cheeks. Very thin, slightly undone eyeliner all around the eyes, copper shadow and lots of gold pigment on the inner corner of the eye. Filled-in brows and bright red lips with Mac Lipmix in Magenta. 

Monday 15 – show Melissa Siegrist

All boys, extremely natural makeup. No foundation, only concealer where needed. Subtle shine on the center of the face, shaping under the cheekbones and brushed out brows. Vaseline on lips when needed.

It was a wonderful week with a lot of hard work but also fun and great moments. I really can’t wait for the next one!

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Cristina Vila Cristina Vila (1991, Toledo - Spain) studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University in Madrid, where she discovered her passion for the fashion world and even more, for makeup. In 2012, she moved to Amsterdam where she enrolled in House of Orange Makeup School (graduated 2013). Now she works as a freelance makeup artist for many different shoots or shows as well as an assistant at House of Orange. She finds her inspiration in the everyday life of the multicultural, versatile, modern world, which she translates into a makeup that highlights and defends the value of individual character and personality. Her fascination with shine and dewy skin or the possibility to play with different colours and textures is a little bit of a hallmark of her work.


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