Amsterdam Fashion Week – By Fashion Model Lydia Hernandez Rijswijk

July 17, 2013 by Lydia Hernandez Rijswijk

Amsterdam Fashion Week – Dorhout Mees

Last week was Amsterdam Fashion Week, and Sunday I walked my first fashion show ever for the brand Dorhout Mees.

In the morning I had to be in Amsterdam in a dance studio together with sixteen other girls to practice the choreography for the show, and to decide who would wear which clothes.

Everyone got their own shoes appointed for the day and we had to take care of them for the rest of the day. They were gorgeous, very high, and the heels were made of plate-glass, so they were very delicate and we had to be really careful.

After many hours of practicing and waiting we were brought to the location of the AFW. We were driven in a small van, and some models had to sit in the trunk because there was no space.


When we arrived, we all got our own model-pass to enter. Our make-up and hair was done and our hair sprayed with a kind of white powder. When we were done our hair was wrapped in plastic to protect it.

We practiced the show a few more times,  and then it was time to put on our outfits and get prepared for the show. Everyone looked gorgeous, the hair and makeup made us all look like angels and the clothes were really beautiful. I started to feel a bit nervous but I couldn’t wait to get on the catwalk!


The show started with a film projected on enormous screens on the catwalk. The film had been recorded a few weeks ago. It was in a really romantic setting, and in one of the scenes I was together with an enormous, white owl. It was fascinating to see myself on those big screens.

After the show there was a lot of press waiting for us backstage, and when all the photos were taken and we all got changed, the designer, Esther Dorhout Mees, gave everyone a beautiful flower with a sweet note to thank us and that was the end of a really exciting and wonderful day at the AFW!

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