Alden Hotel Splugenschloss- Classic Hospitality

November 14, 2013 by Modellist-ID

Not every hotel in Zurich is out to prove how edgy and hip Switzerland can be — for those in the mood for some classic hospitality, one need look no further than the Alden Hotel Splugenschloss, a small all-suite property in a century-old heritage apartment house a few blocks from the Banhofstrasse. It’s the rare luxury hotel that’s family-owned and -operated these days, but the Alden is the exception; 22 suites, one imagines, is small enough that it doesn’t take a multi-national corporation to run it. Classic, of course, doesn’t have to mean old-fashioned. Interiors are a mix of the old and the new, with seemingly no corner cut in the selection of materials — contemporary clean-lined furnishings as well as antiques and reproductions, and ornate parquet floors. Suites are spacious, with drawing rooms big enough for entertaining, and some come with sofa beds, roof terraces, in one case even a private sauna.

Address: Splugenstrasse 2, Zurich

Telephone number: +41 44 289 99 99


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