Adventures In Athens Part 1

May 13, 2015 by Charlotte Parthoens

I’ve so much to tell you, in ‘Adventures in Athens Part 1’ I will tell you everything about the jobs I did in Athens!


My first job was for Celestino! And omg I felt sooooo lucky, because it was on the beach! Yes, the shoot took place on the beach and at a trendy beachclub! The team was amazing, they were very funny and kind to me. The clothes were casual and chic with lots of prints. It felt like SUMMER! Here are some results of the shoot. Hope you’ll like it!

After the shoot we had dinner at the beautiful beach club where we did the shoot, but more about the clubs, restaurant, and hotspots in my second part 😉

The next day I had 8 castings, so it was very, very bussy. But my friend Chrissy Blair had the same ones, so I was not alone and we had a fun time togheter!

Second job: Manila Grace show

When I heard about having this job, I was really happy. I love to do shows, even more than shoots on the beach! 😉 

It was a big surprise! Because the day before I did a casting for this show, but the shoes were too small, 39, and I have 41 so I thought that they would never choose me. But yes they did! 😀

When I arrived at the show, I saw my good friend Lo (also from Belgium)! We did the same show, and it was sooo cool! 

Show Manila Grace with my roommate Lo

I also had some shoots I didn’t like that much, but that’s part of the job. 🙂

One of them was an e-shop shoot, and it was so hard to stay focused all the day, we started at 9 in the morning and the shoot finished at at 6pm. There where so many clothes ahhh, it drived me nuts! But when I saw the pictures afterwards, I was happy I did it!

The second week I did some crazy editorial tests, one of them was for Celebrity Skin! The clothes were just amazing, all hand made, and really really chic! We shooted in a forest, and I felt like a princess with those clothes! It was so special, I learnt a lot at this shoot, because the people were soo professional! I was happy to do this shoot because I know the pictures will be great and will make my book better. I’m really curious for the results. I don’t have the pictures yet so I need to have some patience. 

My last job but also the biggest one: MADWALK

2 days before going home, I had the chance to participate at MADwalk, this is a hugh show/musicfestival in Athens, with a lot of famous artist and desingners.

My designer was soooo sweet, his name is Dimitris Petrou! I had a big dress, chic and unic. Ahhhh but so dificult to walk, also because the shoes were 2 sizes too small. After a long day of waiting, and getting ready, the show started! All the friends I made in Greece were there to do the show! We had a great time at the show and after it! Here are some pictures of the show and backstage. More info of this show you can find on 

I enjoyed my stay but I was also glad to go home. I guess that is it for now, back to Belgium, to my family and to school! Hope you liked my blog and enjoy your week!!

xoxoxo char

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