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July 24, 2014 by Adela Capova

I’m sitting here in Monmouth Coffee’s London Bridge shop, I’m waiting for my friend Alex. While writing this I cannot help but over hear other people’s conversations. I am especially intrigued by the young couple sat next to me, they made space for me so I could fit in, really nice of them. Neither one of them speaks much English, but somehow all their kisses do the communicating. They seem really sweet, I am guessing they are students in London to work over the summer, ah, summer love, we’ve all been there…

To my other side, by an antique sink where you can fill your water bottle, is a business woman. She’s typing on her laptop so fast and aggressively, that my iPad finger tapping cannot compete, despite my two lattes! If this was an Olympic discipline, even with the help of my lattes, I would be silver at best! Behind me there are more people chatting enthusiastically, all sat at a communal table centered with a huge basket of fresh baguettes surrounded by jam and other spreads that look delicious. This is me observing my surroundings, and cheekily listening to other people’s conversations, while sipping one of the best coffees in London.

Monmouth Coffee Company completely changed the coffee culture in London. Actually it established a coffee culture in London back in 1978, when it started brewing fresh coffee in huge machines under their tiny shop in Covent Garden, Monmouth Street, of course.

The coffee here is outstanding. It’s single filtered and you can also treat yourself to many different types from plantations all around the world. You’ll be squeezed in with many others customers, almost  like being on a train. A third location has just opened in Bermondsey, close to their brewing location and you can stock up on beans for your own coffee machine, no tables here though.

Anyway I’ve got to run, Alex just scared me by tapping on my shoulder. Even-though I was expecting her, she surprised me, does that happen to you?

Off I go to enjoy some gossip and a ‘flat white’.

Maybe I’ll see you soon in this cultural gem?

Adela x

Covent Garden: 27 Monmouth Street, WC2H London

London Bridge: 2 Park Street, SE1 London

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