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June 11, 2016 by Celine Prins

Absolut Yoga Celine Prins Review

Six weeks ago I got asked to try out the yoga sessions of Absolute Yoga in Amsterdam for a period of 1 month. As I am doing lots of explosive sports, yoga is the perfect way for me in order to stay flexible and “Zen aka balanced”. The moment I was able to touch my toes while stretching I knew I was right on track…

The first moment I stepped into the studio at the Overtoom, I knew this was a special place. Not only made the lovely ladies of the front desk make me feel very welcome, it also had something to do with the garden, the smell and cute little corner in the back with its creative decoration.

IMG_5274In front of the entrance of Absolute Yoga, Overtoom 230IMG_5002

The Frontdesk at Absolute Yoga

I got even more excited when bumping into my lovely colleague Ola, with whom I organized our big Modellist-ID event with two years ago in Cape Town.  I got introduced to the teachers: who are all gifted in both, a socially and teaching way.

IMG_5301 The wall decoration

One of the beautiful things I love about Yoga is the absence of competition. It is your call, do you want to stretch to the max or not? The only constant factor is and should be: your respiration. It is the heartbeat of Yoga. When having the right breath, the correct inhale-exhale combination will make you reflect your inner balance. It is the necessity of yoga. And the teachers of Absolute Yoga will make you aware of it without you having to catch up breathing.

The slogan of one of the teachers during class:“Just let your body decides what it can and wants to do”. 


Right before going into class
IMG_5271And right after the class 😉 All the classes are practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius as you can see…IMG_5279

Before and after the Absolute Yoga work-out 

Absolute Yoga offers a variety of classes. Most of the times I went to the HOT A 60, which is a class of 60 minutes. You also have the 90 minutes workout called HOT A 90- consisting of 50 classic hatha yoga poses. But you can also go to a Hot Pilates, Hot Flow Yoga and Hot B 90/60, which is the Classic Hot Yoga series of 90 minutes consisting 2 breathing exercises and 26 poses. For the entire schedule best is to check out their website.

FullSizeRenderTogether with my friend, Jeannette, our early wake-up call at 6.00 AM ready to get into the first class.

Address: Overtoom 230, 1054 HZ Amsterdam

Website: www.absoluteyogaamsterdam.com


A big thanks for this experience Absolut Yoga!

x Celine 

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