A Trip Down Hong Kong Memory Lane- By Fashion Model Jacomien Roobol

March 12, 2013 by Jacomien Roobol

Today I was reading back my journal from last summer. I went to work in Hong Kong for over three months, and I felt so happy reading back about all the amazing and crazy experiences I had over there.

Shooting winter clothes outside in a burning hot 35 degrees, the strange Chinese styling and hair & make-up, all the laughter and shock about the different culture and the Chinese habits. But also shooting at amazingly beautiful spots, the friends and people I’ve met, the city and it’s crazy vibe… It has all been one big adventure.

One memory in particular made me realise how lucky I have been with the chances I got.

A short memory from my journal,

October 2011

Today I came back from one of the most amazing jobs I did until now. I flew to Vietnam, for the magazine Jessica Code. Vietnam is one of the places I have always wanted to visit. I couldn’t be more happy! Last Wednesday night I flew to Ho Chi Ming City, were I stayed in a beautiful luxurious hotel. After all those weeks of living in a small apartment and sleeping on a not so comfortable bunk bed, it was such a relief having a room like this. Big bed, beautiful shower, chocolates… Heaven!

The next day it was shooting time. From 9 until 9 we shot at different places in the city. It was such an extreme day, but what an experience. Ho Chi Ming City is super chaotic. Everyone, and then I mean everyone, has a scooter. With which they, without traffic rules and choosing a traffic lane, race through each other. Even on the pavement you aren´t safe. In full glory I got to experience this traffic craziness, as I had to stand in the middle of an intersection for the perfect dynamic picture. After causing a few accidents by distracting the drivers I praised the lord and got out safe. Because we shot at a few touristic places I was lucky to do some sightseeing. We were shooting at all these places that told a story about the Vietnamese history. Like museums, the Cho Ky Hoa market, the central post office and I even sat in a so called cyclo, a bicycle taxi. Unfortunately I didn’t get the change to explore more of the city, because the next morning at 5 am I flew back to Hong Kong were the normal life with castings and less exciting jobs started again. My trip to Vietnam was intense and short, but I enjoyed it so much.

Trips like this make me realise how special these experiences and chances are. Even though it can be exhausting and sometimes difficult being far away from family and friends, I so much enjoy all the chances I get to explore the world. These moments make me feel so thankful. I feel blessed!


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