A Guide to Getting Smart with Summer

May 7, 2019 by Modellist-ID editor

When it comes to summer, many people find it hard to tackle the overbearing heat. After winter it can be a struggle crossing back over to your previous summer wardrobe especially if you are attending work on a daily basis. No one wants to wear layers of clothing just because they don’t have anything suitable to wear. You still want to look presentable when making your usual trip to work but why not try and experiment with style. This guide will explain the trending fashion tips that you will increasingly need for ongoing summers after.

4 Ultimate Tips for Summer

1.    Waistcoats

You are running late for work, and you don’t want to get there tired or sweaty just because you decided to wear a long-sleeved shirt and a blazer jacket on top. Yes, it is important to be on time and in your required attire. However, no one wants to arrive feeling hot and bothered. Waistcoats are a good choice to take on board when moving from place to place.

It allows you to keep a certain level of formality whilst being stylish. All come in a range of different colors which would help when the sun bounces off it. The waistcoat will give you more freedom in the arm area and make it easier when going on public transport as you won’t have to go through the effort of taking a blazer off.

2.    Sunglasses

There is no doubt that sunglasses are a summer essential. Accessories give a final touch to the fit and are a major statement piece. Even so, most people still forget it plays a part in your attire. In addition to waistcoats, sunglasses really compliment an outfit and work to bring the whole outfit together. It gives personality to the outfit and also maintains the elegant dress code without overdoing the ‘cool guy’ vibe.

3.    Formal Footwear

You should always feel comfortable in whatever you put your foot into. For formal occasions, a suede shoe is a way to go. It’s surprising to someone looking from afar as suede can look like a thick intoxicating material; however, it’s very lightweight and has a textural material. This shoe is more in tune with the summertime season and adds to the smart formal look. Even though you might consider purchasing this shoe, you should take into account the aftercare. Suede is known for its sensitivity, so it’s vital that you regularly use spray protector and a suede brush as it picks up dust and stains quickly.

4.    Bags

The best way to transition into the new season would be to get a functional accessory bag. The ideal bag would be the messenger bag as is designed with a working lifestyle in mind. You can find the bag that suits you best as it comes in an array of style and color designs. Depending on the bag you’ll have great access to space as it will be roomy enough to put your daily essentials. All you have to do is sling it over your shoulder, and you’ll be on your way.


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