9 Simple Ways You Can Wear Skinny Jeans

April 7, 2019 by Modellist-ID editor

One of the best wardrobe investments you will ever make is buying a pair of skinny jeans. Quality jeans not only last you for a long time but they’re good in retaining their value. If you do decide to sell your clothes online you could make room for new things in your closet, you’ll get a good deal out of them. But until that day comes, here are nine items you can still enjoy your skinny jeans with:

1. Shirt

First on the list is also the easiest to do, simply throwing on a shirt with your jeans. Not exactly revolutionary but if it ain’t broke, why bother fixing it. In the hot summer days, a white cotton crewneck shirt will keep you fresh all day long but if you’re on your way to work, switch it up with a button down shirt. If you want easy and sophisticated, this is the way to go.

2. Sweaters

When the temperature starts to cool down, it’s time to bring out your sweaters. They go really well with skinny jeans because they balance each other’s silhouettes. But the absolute best thing about this is that sweaters come in a variety of styles and designs. So just by switching up sweaters, you instantly have a whole new look.

3. Leather jacket

Recreate your cool girl or rebel chick fantasies with skinny jeans and a leather jacket. This is a bit tricky, you want to look badass but not too angsty. You’re already a grown woman after all. Pro tip is to mix and match edgy and feminine pieces. Play around by pairing your leather jacket with a flowing top and finish with a pair of heels.

4. Blazer

Who ever said that you can’t go to work in your jeans probably has no idea that tailored blazers and skinny jeans make a heavenly match. It’s chic but also cool and comfy depending on what other things you pair with the two. If you want to keep it casual, boots and a turtleneck sweater work best. Shirt and heels if you want to be a bit dressier.

5. Dress

Wearing a dress over your jeans just might be the fashion throwback you need. Some of you might be sceptical but the trick to pulling this off is to keep the color scheme simple because a nod to middle school style need not be outdated. Stick to two colors at most and avoid heavy patterns. Soft fabric and knee-length dresses are ideal for this look.

6. Accessories

The secret to completing a look can be found in your accessories. May it be a wristwatch, a hat or a simple necklace–these are easy add-ons that can instantly transform your looks to fabulous ensembles. Since jeans themselves are pretty basic, accessories help adapt them to various styles, like vintage or bohemian.

7. Heels

Heels are the best way to extend your vertical frame, nude heels in particular but any kind will do just fine. Paring your jeans with heels will instantly elevate your look to something that is both casual and sophisticated. To truly achieve ultimate work wear chicness, you can play around with striped shirts and layer with a tailored coat or blazer.

8. Booties

When partnered with the right kind of skinny jeans, booties can help your legs appear longer. Legs for days, that’s the dream, isn’t it? Booties straddle between casual and dressed up looks so you don’t have to worry if you’re under or overdressed for that work dinner or weekend meeting. It’s best to bring out your booties when autumn and winter hits to keep your feet nice and warm.

9. Sneakers

This one is a no brainer, skinny jeans pair really well with sneakers. It’s a classic combination that is hard to mess up. Plus thanks to the “athleisure” trend, you’re also guaranteed to be sporting an edgy and in-look. That’s on top of getting maximum comfort from your sneakers. Perfect for the weekends, cap your look with jumper and a backpack.

Skinny jeans are versatile. They can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want them to be. It just really boils down to what clothing items you pair them with.

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