7 Tips for Staying Stylish & Calm in the Airport

November 17, 2018 by Modellist-ID

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Looking good at the airport is certainly a challenge! Long delays, busy environments, and knowing that you’re about to spend time in a cramped tube shooting through the sky can frazzle the nerves of even the most confident people. Unfortunately, those nerves will have an effect on your calm and on your looks. If you’re making plans for a vacation or business trip and you want to look and feel your best while stuck in the airport lounge, then these seven tips might just do the trick. Travel does not mean having to look stressed, and with a little common sense and planning, you could be wowing the crowds in the lounge with your elegance.


1: Jeans and leggings: Not only do these make your legs look great, but they are also useful for keeping you warm as well! Airport lounges can get chilly, but with some quality leggings, you can mix and match styles and colors to suit the rest of your ensemble.


2: Sunglasses: You’ll never go wrong with some good quality sunglasses, and they’re a great way to hide those tired eyes if you have to get to the lounge in the early hours. They’ll look good when you land in your destination as well!


3: Footwear: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you’re going to need your heels on to look good. The key to looking and feeling great in the airport is comfort. Match your pumps or your trainers with your outfit, and you’re onto a winner. They’re also easy to slip on and off when passing through security.


4: Accessories: A scarf is going to be very useful. Not only will it help to keep you warmer if it does get cold, but they can also be rolled up and used as a pillow when you’re waiting. If you value those beauty naps, a scarf can be a lifesaver.


5: Stay calm: Delays can happen to any flight, and you should try and go with the flow. Getting agitated is not a good look. If your flight does get hit with a delay, you should check with FairPlane to see if you are entitled to any compensation. That might help you to keep your cool.


6: Sound control: It’s amazing what the right pair of sound eliminating headphones can do for your waiting time. There are some stunning styles available on the market, and they can help to drown out the noise of the screaming babies and snoring retirees.


7: Your carry on: If you want to look fantastic at the airport, always put some thought into your carry case. It’s a good idea to choose a black or brown leather case to store your essentials, as they will match almost any outfit that you select. For those hoping to look chic in the lounge, this might be your most essential item.


Traveling can always be stressful. That stress can sometimes make us feel and look a lot worse. If you want to look your best in the airport lounge, then always look for ways to balance comfort and cool. Get that balance right, and the airport runway might just feel like Paris Fashion Week.


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