7 Health Hacks to Cure a Hangover

June 27, 2018 by Modellist-ID


Anyone suffering from a hangover will want to recover as soon as possible, but the wrong tactics can prolong your suffering and make you want to curl up in a ball and retreat into a dark room.

Whether you’ve overindulged at a party or enjoyed a long weekend, rather than struggling on with the seemingly endless headaches and nausea, you should look for the most effective solutions to help you quickly on the road to recovery. Take a look at the following seven health hacks to cure a hangover.

  1. Hydrate Your Body with H20
    Dehydration is the main reason behind that bothersome hangover. If you want to say goodbye to nausea, headaches, and dizzy spells, you must hydrate your body by drinking water. It even helps to drink a glass of H2O between alcoholic drinks to prevent hangover symptoms the next day.
  2. Grab a Cup of Coffee
    A hot cup of coffee could be a cure you’re looking for when suffering from a hangover. However, ditch the decaf and opt for a caffeinated cup of joe, as it can narrow the swollen blood vessels in your head, which can help ease the pain of a brain-busting headache. In fact, if you regularly drink coffee, skipping your morning cup could actually amplify your hangover symptoms.

  3. Book an IV Hydration Therapy
    Waking up with a hangover might make you want to pull the covers over your head and spend the rest of the day in bed. Rather than wasting the whole day, you should book an IV hydration therapy, which can hydrate your body and can alleviate aching, tiredness, and dizziness. Visit resetiv.com to eradicate a hangover and start feeling great.

  4. Avoid the Hair of the Dog
    Whatever you do, don’t drink alcohol when you have a hangover! The ‘Hair of The Dog’is simply an old wives’ tale and will only cause further dehydration in your body. Skip the alcohol and consume plenty of water throughout the day to quickly recover.

  5. Pick Up Some Potassium
    One health hack not to be overlooked is potassium, which can reduce your hangover symptoms to help you get back on your feet. So, grab a tasty banana or enjoy some avocado for a delicious breakfast, which will make you feel right as rain in no time at all.

  6. Treat Yourself to Liver Loving Foods
    Repair your liver to its former glory after a heavy night of drinking by eating liver loving foods, such as cinnamon, kale, broccoli, artichoke, cauliflower, garlic, turmeric, lemon, beetroot, and green tea. It’s the best way to reduce the damage and create a healthier body.

  7. Cook Up Some Eggs
    If you want a meal to combat those hangover pangs, you should cook up some eggs for breakfast. It doesn’t matter if you prefer boiled, poached, fried, or scrambled, eggs can help you make a swift recovery. That is because they are rich in amino acid cysteine, which can help your liver to break down acetaldehyde, which is an alcohol toxin.

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