There are a few tell tale signs that you’re not getting enough water. Here’s a quick list of just 6 signs.


Fatigue can be a sign that your body is slowing itself down to conserve precious water reserves. If you are sleeping well each night, and still find yourself yawning try downing a few extra glasses of water each day.


Linked closely to fatigue, losing concentration is another sign that you’re dehydrated. When 11 AM rolls around do you find that your eyes have glazed over and that you’re losing focus? Having to read the same lines 4 times before actually reading and comprehending it? Take a moment to step away from the desk and computer and re-hydrate.


We get a certain percentage of our daily water requirements from food. If you find yourself reaching for more food it might be an issue of hydration, not hunger pangs. Of course only drinking water if you feel hungry is not always the answer. There are times that you are actually hungry. Drinking an extra glass of water before diving into an extra snack can’t hurt.


Maybe obvious, but everyone should know that hydration is related and shows in the hydration of skin. If constantly applying lip balm because lips feel dry and cracked, try tackling the body’s hydration and not just slather on lip balm.


Often with digestion problems we here about consuming more fruits and veggies or upping your fiber intake, but water and hydration plays a critical role too. In order to help pass all of that healthy food and fiber your body needs that water.


Yep, that w word. Premature aging of the skin are signs of dehydration. My esthetician always mentions that hydration and moisture is the skins best friend, no matter what age you are. As we get older, our bodies retain less water, meaning that we naturally to take in more water to keep the skin nice and healthy.