6 Male Winter Trends

October 17, 2018 by Modellist-ID

6 male winter fashion trends

When temperatures start to plummet, many men will begin donning various coats, sweaters, scarves and gloves to remain both warm and healthy this winter. Of course, the cold weather doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style, as there are plenty of garments that can help you maintain a cool and fashionable look.

To develop a cozy, trendy style throughout the colder seasons, check out the following six winter trends to follow.


  • Check Patterns

Check is all the rage this winter, so you will not look out of place when donning traditional Scottish tartan once the cold weather strikes. If you want to appear effortlessly fashionable this winter, invest in a check shirt, t-shirt, jacket or, if you are really feeling brave, a pair of checked pants. There are also various designs to choose from, such as plaid, tartan, windowpane, Madras, Tattersall, and Prince of Wales.


  • The Baseball Cap

Everyone should wear a hat once the weather takes a turn for the worst. One style that is definitely on trend this season is the baseball cap, which has been featured in numerous Fall/Winter 2018-2019 fashion collections.

For example, the likes of Gucci and Fendi has collaborated with Major League Baseball and fashion designer Demna Gvasalia to create fashionable baseball hats. So, it is one accessory you should buy when developing a stylish look for winter.


  • A Duffel Coat

If you want to look both smart and casual this season, treat yourself to a high-quality duffel coat. Not only will you look cool and sophisticated in the outdoors, but it will also effectively protect you from the elements, as it will keep you warm in rain or snow. If you want to find the right duffel coat design and color for your needs, look no further than Gloverall for a diverse collection.


  • Pinstripes

Pinstripes are back and bigger than ever this season. This eye-catching design has appeared on numerous runways in recent months, making appearances at Versace, Alexander McQueen, and Maison Margiela, to name just a few. It is the perfect option when picking a suit, jacket or pair of trousers this winter – so it can help you to create a jaw-dropping look in the office.


  • A Statement Sweater

To develop a style that stands out throughout the season, you should invest in a statement sweater. For example, pick a design that offers a burst of color. Ski-themed prints and sporty V-necks are also expected to prove incredibly popular this winter, so expect to find them in many retail stores near you.


  • Brown Clothing and Accessories

Brown no longer means boring. It is set to become the biggest color of the season, as you can choose from various shades that will grab people’s attention, such as chocolate, taupe, and beige. Don’t be surprised to find hues of brown on your clothing, accessories, bags, and more. You can even mix and match different hues to create a cohesive look that proves you have exceptional attention to detail.


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