500 Ugandan Women In A Video Lip Dub – By Fashion Model Mendy Smits

November 18, 2013 by Mendy Smits

Quite a challenge, to explain 500 Ugandan women how to make a one-take video lipdub, isn’t it? A friend of mine, Ivan Mikulic from 2Film and Microbankers.com decided to take this challenge and are now blown away by the success… I was and still am so amazed by this project that I wanted to share this with you! 🙂 

Microbanker.com is an online platform where people provide loans for women in Uganda. For them to be able to work for a better future and escape from poverty by setting up their own profitable businesses. Loans of only € 40 up to € 500 are enough for women to start a business with. Which causes an amazing impact on the quality of life for them and their families.

How does it work? Select the business plan you would like to invest in, decide your microcredit, follow the status updates from the business concerned have direct contact with the women about repayments and growth and use the repayments to confer more loans. A brilliant and encouraging way to help others, stimulate independence and support employment. Much more effective and rewarding than only donating an amount of money, if you ask me.

More awareness had to be created for this great platform, so that’s why 2Film made a lipdub with 500 Ugandan microfinance-business-women on Jessie J’s song Price Tag. This “greatest lipdub of Africa” video has now been viewed over 125.000 times on YouTube, it has been shown on BBC East Africa and Al Jazeera UK, got featured in Huffington Post and praised by Jessie J herself through her social media. More than one hundred people from 21 different countries have now already become microbankers on this platform and have selected a business plan they found interesting.

So amazing to see how a lipdub can work as a perfect PR tool and create huge global awareness!!


BECOME A MICROBANKER www.microbanker.com

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