4 Male Celebrities Carrying a Weekend Leather Bag

December 3, 2018 by Modellist-ID

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Boys, boys, boys – are you struggling to think of how you can style a leather weekend bag into your everyday wardrobe? A weekend bag is also known as an overnight bag or simply a holdall. A good quality leather overnight bag for men is a must have if you do any travelling whatsoever. Not only that, your huge pockets that tend to come with men’s trousers, unfortunately, can’t hold your laptop or lunch, so a nice leather weekend bag would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe as well as pretty much any wardrobe, for that matter. If you’re wondering how practical the bag is, read on.

Heading to Starbucks for a coffee and work date?

Grab the leather bag!

Got a job interview? Grab it.

Just going to work? You know it, grab that bag.

Want to show your parents that you’re definitely a functioning adult?

Leather weekend bags are great for that too! They at least give the illusion of maturity, and that’s good enough.

So, where do we start? It’s probably best to get some inspo from some classy celebrity gents that are rocking the ‘I’m a mature adult, look at my leather bag’ look, and then you can steal their style and mould it into your own – easy as pie!


Daniel Craig

Leather bag daniel craig male celebrities It seems only appropriate that we start with one of the James Bonds, and Daniel Craig is a classy but simple man when it comes to his wardrobe. So worry not my dear friends, he proves that styling a leather weekend bag to your outfit is actually pretty simple. Craig typically wears dark wash jeans, a dark shirt, a dark jacket, and finally finishes the look with a flat cap. Very iconic and very British.

 So if there are any lessons to learn from Daniel Craig, it’s don’t be afraid to throw in a bit of tweed with your holdall outfit, tweed and brown leather, in particular, compliment each other well. Just throw on some dark jeans, a grey shirt, and a black jacket – boom! You’re the next Bond.


Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds male celebrities leather bagWhen he’s not voicing Detective Peekachoo or wearing red spandex as Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is quite the stylish man. Like his character, Andrew, in The Proposal, Reynolds is not afraid to add a classy leather overnight bag to his everyday look.

 Reynolds appears to like to accessorise with hats with his travelling looks, and like Craig, has sported a flat cap in the past. If there’s anything you’re learning from this, it’s to wear flat caps too apparently! He also sports beanies and ordinary caps, so don’t worry if tweed isn’t your thing. Though it should be, tweed is great and timeless.

Reynolds finishes nearly every outfit with a black leather jacket, a classic look that meshes well with his casual ensemble of dark sweaters and jeans. He’s often seen with his tan leather weekend bag, as well as his chestnut brown one; both look fantastic with his casual but chic outfits.


Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling male celebrities leather bagWhilst we’re here, we may as well check up on the other favourite Hollywood Ryan, Ryan Gosling! Like his fellow Ryan, Gosling favours a simple shirt and jeans combo, but instead of a leather jacket, he opts for a navy Harrington style jacket. He always finishes his look with a pair of sunglasses, and occasionally a magazine shielding his face from paparazzi… but you probably won’t need to worry about replicating that.

The navy of Gosling’s frequent jacket goes well with the bright chestnut tone of his leather overnight bag. So, another lesson here is: dark colours partnered with light brown leather is a good combo. And you’ll be pleased to know that Gosling has also sported a tweed cap in the past. It’s a look – you should try it if you haven’t already.


Benedict CumberbatchBenedict Cumberbatch male celebrities leather bag

And finally, back to the Brits, we have Sherlock Holmes himself. Another flat cap man coincidentally, but also a man of leather bags. His main two being a smaller chestnut brown and a larger Havana one. Both gorgeous bags that he partners with a leather jacket, dark wash jeans, dark-toned jumpers, and sunglasses.

Overall lesson: tweed flat caps and leather holdalls are a stylish combo!


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