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July 1, 2016 by Melody Vroom

Paris Hotspots Healthy food

One thing that I really love about my job as a model is that I travel to a lot of different, beautiful places all over the world. At the moment I’m in Paris for a month, so I have plenty of time to find nice places to spend my time. That’s why I made a list with my favorite food hotspots so far!

This cute little place is very close to my apartment, so I will probably be there quite a lot during my stay, haha! They have a lot of healthy food options, and the products they offer vary every day. I had an acaï bowl and a juice to go with that, and let me tell you, it was THE BEST!


Just like the previous place I talked about, this one offers a lot of healthy food. They also provide a salad bar, which means you can customize your own salad. I had one with soba noodles, a lot of veggies and a good dressing and it was exactly the energy boost that I needed! This is a really good place to go for lunch or breakfast.

Eric Kayser
Me and my roommate decided we wanted some real French croissants, so she looked some places up on google and this turned out to be a really good one. We gave their croissants a try and they were amazing!

vroom in paris

Last but not least! This one is a little more expensive, but oh so worth it. This was actually the first hotspot me and my roommate went and we were so happy that we did! Must try if you’re in Paris 🙂

These were my favourite food hotspots in Paris so far, but of course I want to try a lot of other ones. Any suggestions for places I have to go during my stay? Just leave me a comment on my foodinstagram @mymodelkitchen!




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