3 Popular New Hair Removal Methods You’ll Love for Summer

June 8, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Hair removal

Tired of shaving every day for smooth summer skin during your modeling shoots? Not sure how many trips to the dermatologist will get the desired results? If you’re ready to trade a little pain for the convenience of being hair-free, then you’ll love these three popular hair removal methods.

Epilator Treatment for Home Hair Removal
Epilators work by pulling many hairs at once, like a bunch of tweezers yanking at the same time. It’s like waxing, without hot and potentially messy wax. There is some pain involved, but epilators remove hair for a longer time span than shaving. While epilator treatments are often painful at first, it becomes easier with each session. To keep the pain to a minimum, consider investing in a low-pain epilator. Your dermatologist likely offers epilation treatment, but the price tag is hefty compared to home devices.

Sugaring Sees a Revival
If the mess doesn’t turn you off this method, sugaring might be the summer solution for at-home hair removal. You can make a DIY sugaring paste or buy a store-bought mix, but the premise is the same. Used in ancient Egypt for unsightly facial hair removal, sugar paste uses cloth strips to remove hair quickly and less painfully than waxing. This technique removes hair right at the root, so it should last as long as the results from tweezing or waxing. A similar trick is using honey as the sticky solution to pull hair from the roots, with comparable results.

Laser Hair Removal You Can DIY
Laser treatments permanently remove hair at the follicle, so after two or more treatments, hair disappears forever. Laser removal can happen in a dermatologist’s office, but now home devices give us options. There is some pain, described as a stinging feeling, with each electronic pulse, according to The Cut’s review of DIY laser hair removal.

This method won’t work for every skin tone or hair type, because of the way the lasers work. Lasers need to see a contrast between the skin and the hair for the process to work safely. It’s dangerous to try laser hair removal on darker skin or light hair, so keep this in mind before going with DIY laser hair removal. Follow all safety precautions, and you’ll be ready for a smooth summer!

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