2018 Fashion Trends For Babies & Toddlers

May 23, 2018 by Modellist-ID


Another summer has come, which means another opportunity for your kids to bare their little arms again!

The lovely sunshine means that both mum and the kids are back outside. In the world of children’s fashion, it is always exciting to see the summer fashion collections available – of course, shopping for new outfits for your children is a big part of the fun which the new season brings.

However, choosing clothes for the smallest of the house many times is not easy, as you want them to be comfortable yet fun and vibrant when wearing the clothes. This summer, however, the trends are sure to meet your needs. They include comfortable, versatile clothes and accessories that are easy to carry and suitable for boy and girl explorers. To make it even easier to choose clothes for this season, you must also know that they are full of color that will fun delight the smallest of the house. Time to hunt for some hip t-shirts, shorts and skirts for them to run around in. Here are some of the favorite summer fashion trends for kids.

Cute Shirts With Animal Prints
Animal prints on clothes are a popular summer style for babies and other children’s clothes. Whether animal print with cat-heads, monkey or lion manes, they make an irresistibly fun and cute addition to your toddlers little closet. The colors are mostly soft and tough, and many of the styles come with elastic in the hem for flexibility as they are growing.

Cheerful Colourful Clothes
Cheerful clothes and flowers are stepping up this year. This summer we see lots of colorful panther, tiger and leopard prints, along with prints in various designs such as graphic prints in natural tones. There are also many other colorful variants set on cool dresses, shorts, and tops. For babies there is also more and more variety of clothes full of life and color, fleeing the classic pink and baby blue. They are perfect if you combine them with a bobo baby jacket for the days that cool. Your toddler will be a cute happy beast this summer. Both high street stores and designer labels have taken this colorful path. If shopping online is your preference, many online kids stores stock a range of children’s clothes. See more here.

Sailor By The Sea Stylish Wear
The navy style, nautical look for both boys and girls is one that every mother loves because it looks good on every child. Dresses and sets with horizontal stripes, with some element of navigation in another color, such as red to give the note of color to the marine stripes. For children we also see sporting elements on t-shirts and summer sweaters; surfboards, car racing, sailing boats – very happy notes that we love and filled with joy and light the new season. In addition, they can be combined perfectly with denim jackets, tights or socks to be used in cold springs or during the warmer summer months.

Skirts & Dresses With Floral Prints
The new season means more time spent outdoors to enjoy the nature, countryside and the sea. Floral prints, especially for girls, are filled with bold cheerful colors. Especially popular are blue, emerald green, yellow and fuchsia colors. A trend that always refers to nature, not only in flowers but also in animal and landscape motifs.

Metallic Colours
One of the best things about summer is that any color can be worn, regardless of the occasion. In autumn and winter, more marine, red, brown or green colors are preferred, but in summer we use all the colors that we find. Acid tones are very happy and vibrant and are perfect for children.

Comfy Sporty Tracksuits
Cute, comfortable, trendy, sporty and tough in one – this is what summer 2018 is all about for children. Cool, children’s clothes are what tops the trends. Tracksuits are designed keeping your babies and toddlers needs in mind. They are comfortable, but still look cute or cool. Many are made of soft fabrics, consisting of cotton and polyester, and include fun and playful graphic prints that fully meets the children’s fashion trends in 2018. The trousers are solid in color have fine elastic waistbands and can be easy combined with different tops. With this fun sporty choices, your little one will get a lot of attention this summer!

Denim Look
Denim is brilliant for kids. After all those shorts, skirts and dresses, there is also a pair of trousers to come in handy for the cooler days of summer. Jeans jackets with a nice light wash are perfect summer items and can be matched with a short-sleeve t-shirt with floral print details. For little girls, leggings with dark blue and white stripes are a fun eye-catcher. Leggings can also be worn nicely under a skirt or dress.

For accessories, the options are also endless. You can dress your toddlers in a white cap with a print of lemons – they will not want to wear anything else. Choose sneakers according to their taste and comfort and do not forget the sandals if visiting the beach.

ColourfulJackets With Artistic Prints
Colorful baby jackets with artistic prints are also trending this summer. You often see pastel shades combined with the denim look. The artistic trend can be seen in most clothing items but is not an overload of color. You can combine colorful baby jackets with artistic prints with other soft pastels colors such as yellow, pink and turquoise. You can also combine it with neutral beige or white colors, or choose a more contrasting color such as dark blue.

Pastel Shades
For more formal collections we see the same colors, but in pastels, the designs being equally beautiful. Particularly common are boys pants and shirts in linen blue baby and beige, and for girls, the same pastel colors, including pastel pink in jackets and dresses.

Fun Playful Shoes
For children, good shoes are especially important, as they can make it easier for them to learn to walk and to promote the fun of fooling around. A good and careful processing is particularly important here, as children’s feet are even more sensitive than adult feet and therefore more prone to blisters and annoying pressure points. Most shoe designers this summer have made sure to design child-friendly shoes. 2018 children’s shoe trends consist of soft yet durable upper soles, which are important for the highest possible wearing comfort for your child. However, you should never replace comfort for style when it comes to your kid’s shoes; what’s more, you don’t want to stop the proper development of their feet.

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