13 Tips For Traveling Healthy – By Fashion Model Liana Werner-gray

November 18, 2013 by Liana Werner-Gray

My blog today is about eating tips while traveling. Today I traveled from NYC to Fairfield Iowa. I started the day with beet juice. Then had blueberry pancakes.

Then had bentonite clay drink. Then I left and I put in my bag sweet sweet sweet golden berries (they were actually sour! – a great alternative to candy!) I also had a cucumber and a PHresh Greens water, aware that I had to drink that before going through security. On the plane I did not eat anything. The food up in the air at that point is super zapped and not providing the body with nutrition, it is just dead matter filling up your body. 

1. Don’t sit near the cafe or food section of the airport, it will only temp you.
2. Drink liquids! Loads of water! Fill up on liquids. 
3. Remember eating airport/plane food will only make you hungrier and gain weight.
4. Take fruit rolls ups with you 
5. Take nuts and seeds with you 
6. Take raw chocolate with you 
7. Take a cucumber or carrot or avocado 
8. Eat before you travel, so you are well nourished and fulfilled. Don’t travel hungry as then your more likely to eat anything!
9. If you do slip up and eat junk food… go to a bathroom and throw it up! KIDDING!!!! Just remember you can start again now and now and now, it’s clear you are committed to health, and it gets easier and easier as time goes on, trust me it’s a process.
10. Take a lemon with you and add it to water for a Lemon Water, to help with digestion and keeping your body refreshed and alkalized. It is also high in Vitamin C so will keep your immune system super strong.
11. Take goldenberries, goji berries or mulberries with you! Excellent superfood snack.
12. Be present and meditate in the airport and on the plane. Make it a great adventure experience.
13. Drink herbal teas.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have an Earth Cafe at every airport  !

I had a lay over in Chicago. I was starving craving a burger or wrap. I see a cafe and I go and get a Fiji water and some pistahio nuts, I thought phew something natural and unprocessed! Before the woman swiped the nuts she said “those are $12 do you still want them?” I said yes! Well I’m used to paying that much for 10oz of nuts. The two men behind me were commenting and I turned around and they smiled, I said “I would rather pay extra for nuts then eat a hamburger… You know I’m going for …” And he finished my sentence “nutrition!” Exactly. 

Remember less is best, most of us eat way more than we need to, because when we eat processed food the digestive system does not absorb any nutrients from it, the cells do not get energy from it and then the brain goes “eat more food I need nutrition” so we keep eating and eating which is why it’s so easy to overestimate on processed junk foods. It’s not so easy to overeat on salads and carrots  the idea is to eat highly nutritious meals at every meal so the body is fulfilled. 

My skin is dry so I’m drinking more water than usual. When traveling if I have to buy bottled water I go for Fiji. I know there is so much controversy around bottled water but I’ve tested the PH at least of all plastic bottled water and Fiji is the most alkaline (*when I tested it in 2012).

Also I had Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” book with me plus my iPhone, but I a wanted to be with people, be present with the people around me who are also traveling so I did a bit of reading and iPhone and a bit of having no device. I am aware that good health is also being connected to community. 

At times when I feel tired or disempowered or thinking this isn’t quite it yet, I consciously say to myself “this is it this is it, this is it, this is it this is it, this is it, this is it, this is it.” It puts me into the present moment and here I am! Hi! 

Happy healthy traveling! 



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Liana Werner-Gray Liana Werner-Gray is a sought-after speaker and advocate for natural healing using a healthy diet and lifestyle. After healing herself of many negative health conditions through embracing a natural lifestyle, Werner-Gray began lecturing and teaching about The Earth Diet internationally.Werner-Gray is the founder and owner of The Earth Diet, where she directs a team that helps people all over the world find recipes that work for them. Through her company, she has helped thousands of people improve, and in some cases even entirely heal, conditions such as cancer, diabetes, addictions, depression, acne, heart disease, obesity, and more.Werner-Gray was born and raised in Australia. In her final year of schooling she received the school’s award for the arts, the Liana Nappi Award. She was named Miss Earth Australia in 2009 by People’s Choice, the third largest beauty pageant in the world. During the same competition, she was also awarded “Best in Environmental Speech,” “Green Achievers,” and the “Innovators Award.”Werner-Gray has starred in films that received international praise and awards. She continues to work in the entertainment business, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. Her intention is to live her life the best she can, and hopefully to inspire others to live the lives of their dreams through a healthy lifestyle.


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