The 10 Most Beautiful States in America

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America comprises of fifty fantastic states that are each beautiful and unique in their own ways.

However, you will undoubtedly want to make an informed decision before you book an upcoming trip to a US state. To ensure you experience the trip of a lifetime, check out the 10 most beautiful states in America.

1.     Minnesota
If you are looking for rivers, lakes, forests and mountains, you will want to book a trip to Minnesota. Lovers of the outdoors will fall in love with this stunning state, which has been nicknamed the “land of 10,000 lakes”. You can therefore guarantee there will be a photo opportunity at every turn, as you can take snaps of picturesque lighthouses at Split Rock Lighthouse, or you can embrace the beauty and color of Lake Itasca, which is the headwaters of the Mississippi River. When buying a condo, look for a space that allows you to absorb the natural beauty of the North Star State.

2.     California
California seemingly has it all. You can walk along its famous beaches, roam its rugged mountains, explore the quiet forests and stunning parks, or can relax at a picturesque vineyard. There are also multiple attractions that will make your visit truly memorable, as you can take a trip to Hollywood, experience the fun of Yosemite National Park, or can try a glass of wine or five in the Napa Valley wine region.

3.     Alaska
Alaska will provide travelers with a truly unique experience, as it is the largest yet most densely populated US state, which offers snow-capped mountains, unique wildlife and exquisite lakes, which make this the perfect vacation for adventure enthusiasts. You will not want to forget your camera.

4.     Colorado
Colorado is a state bursting with character and color, as you will be spoilt for options when choosing between its many national parks, ski resorts, atmospheric cities and historical towns. There is so much to see and do that you will never want to go home, as you can visit its wildlife sanctuaries, climb the Rocky Mountains and can take in the beauty of the Colorado River. It is a state that demands to be explored.

5.     Florida
Those looking for extensive cities, stunning beaches, picture perfect lighthouses and a Latin American vibe should book a trip to Florida. Fall in love with the color and varied cuisine of Miami, or take a fun trip to Orlando to experience Disney World, Universal Orlando or Epcot. Of course, Florida’s biggest assets are its picturesque beaches, blue skies, beautiful boardwalks and Hispanic culture. There are also many secluded locations across Florida that are just waiting to be discovered by travelers.

6.     Montana
It is impossible not to fall in love with Montana, which features bright blue skies and unspoiled landscapes. In addition to the state’s endless natural beauty, you can also explore Montana’s many historical sites, such as the Grinnell Glacier at Glacier National Park, Going-to-the-Sun Road, and the historic village of Eureka, which offers structures dating back to the 1800s. There are many natural splendors to experience in The Treasure State, including gorgeous mountains, river valleys, meadows and glaciers. You can also visit three unforgettable tourist destinations that will make your jaw drop: Yellowstone National Park, the Lawis & Clark Trail, and Glacier National Park.

7.     Utah
As Utah offers zero miles of coastline, the fact it appears on this list is a testament to the landlocked state’s natural, rugged beauty. The state is well-regarded for its geographical wonders, such as sandstone arches, weird formations in Goblin Valley and the canyons at Moab. For this reason, it is easily the most distinguishable state at first glance, which makes Utah so popular with people across the globe. Those who want to blend outdoor recreation with unique sites should book a trip to Utah, which offers the picture perfect Rocky Mountain Basin, which is home to some of the finest ski resorts in America. It is the perfect mix of attractive and unusual, which is why you should add it to your US travel bucket list.

8.     Hawaii
No US state is more diverse than Hawaii, which offers some of the most breath-taking scenery you are likely to find in America. This state is made entirely of islands, and is world famous for its protected areas, such as Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Haleakala National Park and Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. The best places to visit in Hawaii include Maui, Big Island, Kauai Island and Pearl Harbor. It is one state that will certainly live up to expectation.

9.     Oregon
Like Northern California, the state of Oregon starts with a rugged coastline and desert, which leads down to mountains and evergreen wilderness. Visit the state’s many beautiful beaches, including the famous Cannon Beach and Seaside, and you can also make your way to the most scenic point between Mt. Rainier and Mt. Whitney. Even the highways are a sight to see, as you can make your way through the Historic Columbia River Highway or the Cascade Highway.

10.  Arizona
Arizona must be one of the most colorful states in America, which offers a fusion of desert oranges and fuchsias. The striking desert landscapes and famous canyons will immediately spring to mind when you think of the southwestern region, but it is also full of pretty lakes, Indian ruins, stunning valleys, pine forests and many mountains. Of course, the crown jewel of Arizona is the Grand Canyon, which often serves as the climax for most American road trips – and it never disappoints. Other notable landmarks worthy of visiting include Monument Valley, which has been scientifically-proven as the site where cowboys’ souls go once they pass away. You can also visit Lake Powell, Superstition Mountains and Petrified Forest for a trip you are unlikely to forget in a hurry.

Have you visited any of the US states listed above? Do you know a better state missed off the list? Please share your tips, advice and stories by posting a comment below.

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