080 Barcelona Fashion Week: The Fashion Awards By Lynn Quanjel

July 7, 2015 by Lynn Quanjel

Last week it was time for the 080 Barcelona Fashion week, and it was amazing!

In order to get to know the newest talents, designers and fashion concepts I decided to join the Fashion Investor Day, a competition where ten selected talents from all over the world pitched about their concepts in order to win 150.000 euro to invest in their business. There were so many interesting concepts that it was hard to choose which one I liked more, but eventually I came down to my favourite Top Three which I will share with you guys now, be ready to get inspired!

1. Uniqbrow

“May I ask… who has been wearing the same pair of glasses for over a year already?” Andrew, one of the founders of Uniqbrow, looks around the conference room to see many hands going up (myself included). “Well, then all of you are stupid! “He jokes while he starts up the PowerPoint of his pitch. “What if I told you… that you can change your glasses every month, every week, even every day if you want to?” I looked at him skeptically, but I was intrigued… it´s so boring to have to wear the same pair of (sun)glasses every day but if you want decent ones they are just too expensive. So please DO tell me your magical solution!

The concept is simple, but brilliant! The founders have worked for over a year to find the right materials that would make it possible to extract and reinsert the lenses into different types of frames. On the website they write:

“At UNIQBROW we want you to experience something different than any pair of glasses ever created. The glasses are flexible, lightweight, and anti-allergic.  The magic: we offer you the chance to interchange the same lenses in any frame, so you can wear a different pair of glasses everyday.  Also, you can design your own UNIQBROW glasses at any point of sale.”

Right now they have their flagship store located nearby the main square Placa Catalunya in Barcelona but they are planning on going international soon! Do you feel like you want to know about Uniqbrows, their locations and their designs? Go to their website! www.uniqbrow.com

2. Made In Me

Customizing seems to be a new trend in the world, since my second favorite concept is a company that allows you to design your own shoes online! After you uploaded your design to the website it will be send to a Spanish craftsman who will recreate your design into perfection. This is a great concept for the fashionista’s out there that want to be unique, creative and fashionable without having to start a complete fashion label! Out of inspiration? The website gives you plenty of ideas by showing what has already been designed till now by other users.

“So… you are telling me that I can create the shoes of my dreams?” YES that’s exactly what I am telling you! And it gets better: the shipping of the shoes is completely free, and if you are not happy with the design you will get a full refund. Furthermore you can decide your own materials and prints so YOU are the one deciding how much you want to spend your own shoes… can I get a hell yes?? I was sold after the pitch from Made in me, and I clearly wasn’t the only one since this company won the 1st prize with their concept at the Fashion awards of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. Congrats guys!

Currently Made in Me is building their office and logistic hub in Madrid but they ship worldwide. Get to know more about the company by checking out their website! www.madeinmeshoes.com

3. Fashion Pills

And last but not least, my favorite concept from the 080 Fashion Awards is the webshop Fashion Pills. If you are addicted to fashion as I am, the online shop Fashion Pills will surely satisfy all your fashion-craving needs! First of all the website has a great collection of fresh, creative brands with cool designs, which is the basic necessity of each cool web shop obviously. 

However, the online shop is merely the half of what Fashion Pills is about. The other half of Fashion Pills is all about inspiration, creativity and more inspiration! It’s divided into two sections: “Inspire Yourself” and “Fashion News”. In the ‘Inspire Yourself’ section you can find anything a fashionista might need: trend shopping, the newest collections, lookbooks, fashion editorials, and even a shop by style section which includes themes such as ‘Travel List’, ‘Primavera Sound’ and ‘Taylor Swift Style’. In the ‘Fashion News’ section you find videos, editorials, celebrities’ outfits, the latest trends, top bloggers, trend reports and so on. And even better, all of the looks that are shown in the editorials and the trend shopping sections are easily bought from the webshop of Fashion Pills, with just a few clicks you can satisfy all your fashion and shopping addictions!

All in all Fashion Pills basically is an online fashion magazine from which you can directly buy all the looks you love for good prices, I’m in love! Since Fashion Pills was the very first company to give their pitch to the audience during the Fashion Awards, they sure knew how to stick around in the memory of the audience since they were the ones that went home with the Public Choice Award. Congrats Fashion Pills, you guys totally deserve it! You can check out their clothes and inspirations here:


P.s. In the picture, I’m already rocking one of Fashion Pills’ jumpsuits! Simple, classy, sexy, elegant… Ready for summer!

Lots of love,


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