February 9, 2017 by Sharon Looijen

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Currently Vitamin D is one of the most popular vitamins in the media. This vitamin has even won the price “supplement of the year “. I’m always wondering who initiates that price and for what purpose, but that aside. Personally, I am more pro-vitamin from food and as little as possible from pills or powders, the question is, is that possible with vitamin D? No, unfortunately you can’t get enough vitamin D from just food.


Without SPF in the Sun
The level of vitamin D in the blood is directly related to the strength of your bones. Vitamin D causes calcium being absorbed through the small intestine, making it an indispensable vitamin. The name vitamin D is not actually correct. It is actually a pro hormone with a cholesterol-like molecule that can be produced in the skin. Vitamin D3 can be synthesized by the skin by exposure to sunlight (UVB), or be obtained from food. More than 95% of our need for vitamin D is synthesized in the skin from sunlight, the other 5% is obtained from food.

During the summer we have more vitamin D in our blood. Vitamin D optimizes the availability of calcium and phosphorus, so that these minerals will lead to a hardening of the bone structure. It also has a role in the strength of your imunesystem, your balance and your muscle power. A lack of vitamin D even has a correlation with the cause of Diabetes 1 and inflammations. When you vitamin D level is sufficient you have less chance becoming depressive and having depressive thoughts.

 Do you have a deficit?
You can test your vitamin D level at home if you like, the value must be above 80 nmol/litre. An intake of 200 iE (5 micro grams) Vitamin D3 per day increases the value by about 5 nmol/litre.

Michael Hollick describes in his book ‘ Vitamin D ‘, a test that can be done easily without going to the doctor. Give pressure with the your finger on the sternum. If this is painful then that may indicate Osteomalacia, because of a vitamin D3 deficiency. Normally, bones are strong by the minerals calcium and phosphate; with Osteomalacia there is not enough mineral deposition in the bones, so they are too soft and sensitive.) . This is already at an advanced stage.

 Vitamin D during pregnancy
The advice for pregnant women is to take extra vitamin D daily. This is important for the bones. Scientific research also shows that a deficiency in vitamin D prevents the risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and low birth weight. Even though a pregnant woman eats as healthy as possible, the opinion continues to take extra vitamin D during the entire pregnancy.

The advice for all pregnant women is: 10 micro grams extra vitamin D per day.


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Sharon Looijen My name is Sharon Looyen (33 years old), my passion for food began when I was 18 years old. I was born with a malfunctioning kidney, so I had a lot of cystitis, kidney infections and always sat low in my energy. When I was 18 years old my kidney was removed. At that time my interest in nutrition has emerged. Now I have only one kidney which I want to take care off in the best possible way with my knowlegde of nutrition. After my operation my one kidney was not my only concern, I had a malfunctional gut caused by the antibiotics I took over the year to control my bladder/kidney inflammation. I din't know antibiotics are very harmful for your gut. Nobody told me about probiotics, taken by capsules or by nutrition. This information doctors often forget to give, as they know too little about healthy nutrition. I did not know either that the basis of good health is directly related to a healthy intestinal flora. After I got my degree as a natural nutritionist I went through with my graduation as a sports nutritionist. I will always continue to develop myself because I believe that nutrition is the foundation of good health. My goal is to guide people and inspire them, to share my knowledge and experience, so you are able to become the healthiest version with nutrition!



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