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July 31, 2013 by Bailee Roberts

Last Tuesday, I was invited to the Underground Cookery School, with the promise of fine food, working with very talented chefs and lots of bubbles. Honestly, how could I say no to such an offer.  So I dragged my favourite foodie friend, Vera, along and we went opened minded and ready to learn.

Matt Kemp, who trained under Michael Guérard and has worked at the River Café, The Ivy and Pont De La Tour, greeted us enthusiastically with a glass of Champagne, some stunning canapes and the promise of a fun evening. 

It was clear from top and tailing the runner beans, this wasn’t going to be an ordinary cooking event. We were to work with the whole ingredients; little prep had been done for us, which I perfer. Butchering a Guinea Fowl is something I will never for get. It made me thankful I have Chadwick’s around the corner.  It’s not a surprise the photos of this bit aren’t plentiful, it’s not easy to make butchery look pretty, but I now know how to prepare a bird and am thankful for that.
We also prepared a simple blueberry cheesecake and artichokes, baked and tossed in truffi oil. When in doubt of what to make, remember that everything tastes amazing tossed in truffle oil. 
The highlight for us, was making tagliatelle from scratch. This is very novel for me. I don’t think I’ve eaten a bowl of pasta in years, but kneading the dough and working it through a pasta machine was brilliant fun. I loved the process and this finished tagliatelle hanging on drying racks was just beautiful. 
Once all the basic prep work was done, we were ushered to the table, glasses charged, and the pros took over. Matt and his fantastic team. plated and presented a three course meal of:

             Fresh Tagliatelle with Black Pepper and Globe Artichokes

Breast of Guinea Fowl with Fresh Broad Bean, Pea and Runner Bean Salad

Baked Blueberry Cheesecake

Here is the healthier of the recipes that I would gladly munch on anytime:

Breast of Guinea Fowl with Fresh Broad Bean, Pea and Runner Bean Salad:

(Serves 2)

1 breast of Guinea Fowl 
120g Fresh Peas Podded and blanched in boiling water
200g Broad Beans, Shelled
150g Runner beans 
2 Cloves Garlic finely diced
2 Red Chilli Finely diced
1 hand full of chopped mint
Seasoning and Olive Oil
1.Rub a little olive oil into the breast, season and bake in the oven at 170oC for 35 minutes; rest for 6 minutes before Serving
2.Top and tail the runner beans, and then slice on the angle until you have 1.5” lengths; par boil for 2 minutes and set a side.
3.Boil the shelled broad beans for approx. 2 minutes, and then remove the second shell; set a side.
4. Fry off the Garlic and chilli, add the runner beans and cook for five minutes. Season once off the heat, and then add the peas , broad beans and chopped mint. Place salad on the dish and add the Guinea Fowl; serve with a chutney of your choice.
For Matt and his team, ‘there is no love sincerer than the love of food’ and sharing this with enthusiast, armatures to more experienced, is why they developed the Underground Cookery School. It was a wonderful evening. I only wish the team would have sat and eaten with us as well. Aw, professional to the very end… next time maybe.
Underground Cookery School focuses on corporate team building, private parties, and cookery challenges. If you would be interested in an evening at Underground please do contacted them and say hi for me when you get there. 
PS: They also kindly sent the Tagliatelle and Cheesecake Recipes.
If you want them, drop me an email and I’ll send them over to you.


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