Tried & Reviewed – Vitalit Fly Fit By Fashion Model Sarah

July 4, 2012 by Sarah Warnaar


A couple of weeks ago, I received a promising package from Vitalit. It contained a FlyFit health bar and a dozen of little bags, filled with powder. They came in blueberry and strawberry flavor packed with vitamins! Especially vitamin C was well represented. I made a habit out of taking one of the bags (no water needed, the powder melts in your mouth) after every flight I took.

What did it do for me? Nowadays – the hectic times- we spent hours in traffic, we tend to sleep too little and often are in the air. Literally up in the air, like me when flying out to photo shoots. I would never say one shouldn’t be able to get all essential vitamins from eating properly, but fact is living life pushes your health buttons every now and then. FlyFit quickly boosts your immune system and helps keeping your skin hydrated.

What makes FlyFit so unique? Besides FlyFit being such a lovely little booster in a bag, its makers not only seem to be health conscious; all Vitalit packaging is made from renewable recourses and is entirely recyclable. FlyFit packages are made by Tetra Pak packaging, and so became a part of being an official “climate saver’ in 2006. Buying your favorite product is a bit like investing in the environment.

Pop this health conscious little friend in your handbag, as a helping hand. Try it, fly with it.

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Sarah Warnaar Modeling, internationally, taking in all moments and encounters. Appreciatively putting it out there through writing and photography. Books get me through flights, music through castings, my racer bike through Amsterdam.



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