Tried & Reviewed: Meeki nail polish

August 16, 2016 by Janneke Scherpenhuyzen

fashion model Janneke Scherpenhuyzen meeki nail polish ibiza

Usually for photoshoots I always need to arrive with clean hands & nails so I don’t wear nail polish often. They also put crazy nail colors on sometimes during runway shows & fashion editorials. But this new nail polish brand called Meeki introduced a new collection of vegan nail polish with some beautiful natural & fresh Summer colors which are my absolutely favorite.

fashion model Janneke Scherpenhuyzen meeki nail polish ibiza feet infinity pool

Now I can still wear nail polish in between my photoshoots. They are easy to apply & to remove as well. Last Saturday I had a photoshoot for a sunglasses brand at Ibiza and the photographer, Carola Doornbos, asked me to put a natural fresh nail polish on, so I brought some of the Meeki nail polish & used it for the photoshoot.

fashion model Janneke Scherpenhuyzen meeki nail polish ibiza feet infinity pool

Lookbook shoot for Woodify. Photography by Carola Doornbos

I can’t wait to see which other colors they will introduce. They invited me for their dreamteam, and everyone is welcome to join their dreamteam on to help them select the most fab colors for their next collection! Feel free to check them out for some freshness at the end of this Summer 🙂

 Check out the awesome Meeki nail polish collections on

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