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December 12, 2015 by Mandy Glasbergen

Enjoy Natural Mandy Glasbergen

I received a nice package from Enjoy natural: YES always fun to try something new! Considering I am a big fan of smoothies, this adds a lot to it. Just what I was looking for to get the right vitamins!

It has more than 20 power foods: spirulina, barley grass, wheat grass, moringa and coconut, combined with a little stevia to provide a delicious taste. It’s 100% biologic.

This gentle taste is very suitable as a booster for every day.

You can taste the mild flavor of green tea as well.

How can you use it?

I used it in a smoothie a lot and also in my breakfast (with oatmeal,coconut rice milk, blue berries and Enjoy Natural powder.)

Smoothie Mandy Glasbergen Daily Greens Enjoy Natural


Avocado, cucumber, green apple, Enjoy Natural and Coconut rice milk

Strengthen your resistance

Provides instant energy

Less than 30 kcal

Packed with vitamins and minerals

Good to know:

  • Pure vegetable ingredients, not heated above 45 ° C so all the nutriënts are preserved
  • 20+ Biological powerfoods. Packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber; pure natural supplement. No artificial additives
  • Free of E-numbers or other chemical additives, only stevia extract as a tasty condiment
  • Free from gluten and allergens. Without gluten, or other products that are known for possible allergic reactions
  • Non GMO: 100% free of genetically modified ingredients.

For energy and resistance.

A daily boost to keep you alert and energetic ♥

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