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March 14, 2017 by julia datt

This Model Eats a Lot shop tee

During Julia Datt’s modeling career, the whole ‘not eating’ requirement that comes with the job left her resentful. Julia started to create a food blog called This Model Eats A Lot, which ruffled a lot of feathers.

About This Model Eats a Lot
Julia Datt is born in Melbourne and she has had a series of incredibly interesting jobs in the corporate world. Julia left the corporate sector to start modeling ‘reasonably’ late in life in Mumbai at 25, which lasted 5 years. The whole ‘not eating’ requirement gave Julia a reason to start her own blog called This Model Eats a Lot.

The brand is 3.5 years old, has had international press and is also one of a handful in Melbourne to be invited to the Hilton’s seasonal food blogger events. The blog has had 16.3 million views on Zomato, highlighting the level of public interest.
Fun, fearless and unapologetic in its fascination with food, the brand has had a fantastic response from young girls who feel the pressure to conform to a certain body shape, especially on competitive social media platforms.

This Model Eats A Lot seeks to not only serve as a genuine ‘go-to’ for the latest dishes to eat in town, but also to quash negative body image brought upon by the popular notion that models starve to be thin. The brand takes genuine pleasure in eating, while promoting a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise.

This Model Eats a Lot

‘This Model Eats a Lot’ Shop
The rise of rebellion is here. Models around the world are finally standing up against what society tells them they should be. Whether you’re a model or not, food is your spirit animal. And NOBODY is going to tell you what to eat, or wear. The demand for this clothing brand is hot, as only a limited number of pieces are produced. Relaxed fit, with a subtle curved hem and a scoop neckline. Pre-shrunk and super-soft, 50% poly, 25% cotton and 25% rayon jersey. At 4.3 oz in weight, it’s the softest tee you’ll come across.

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This model eats a lot shop tshirts

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