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July 25, 2013 by Barbara-Ellen

That’s peachy!

It is peach season people, so get peachy! At the ripest and best, eating the peach will not be the prettiest. Yes, it does require a special eating position in order (to attempt) not to have peach juice running over your face. However, it’s too good to care about that. 

A peach is full of vitamin C, good source of potassium & fiber and last but not least, it contains beta-carotene, which the body will convert to vitamin A. I say a win-win.

My kind of sandwich

I am not afraid of gluten, I love a good old sammie every now and then. This is an excellent example I found at Revival Market in the Heights, Houston. Marinated roasted beets, arugula, almond pesto, whole wheat sandwich: YUM! Combined with a soy latte makes me a happy camper! 

Feel good dessert

This is such a pretty dessert I got the other day! Check out all the different fruits and colors. A good alternative for ice cream or a big piece of cheese cake … No hard feelings after this one! And easy to make at home too! 

Have a wonderful week, 


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Barbara-Ellen Barbara-Ellen is a creative, art & fashion lover extraordinaire; photography and typology enthusiast; fanatic runner; collector of many toys, drinks coffee black (preferably in huge amounts) and - since she moved to Texas - she cooks too! Plant-based that is...Exploring tastes of colorful veggies & other plant-based foods and then putting it all together: whole foods + simple preparation. "What you see is what you get, therefore just a picture and the ingredients. Chop, chop, saute, oven roast or raw: it is really as simple as that." Be runs a mini design studio by the name "gifted fools", where magical little (personalized) works of art are created ( She runs (ultra)marathons, loves yoga, is a traveller of world and - for now - resides in Houston, TX. For more delish recipes and veggie inspiration, check out Be's check out her Facebook page:



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