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Keep your legs from getting tired with STOX March 17, 2017 | Claire Granlund Supporting stockings don’t have the most youthful reputation; this is also the reason why I never gave it a try. STOX... Read more →
walk in the sky nature
Walk in the sky March 16, 2017 | Charlotte Goyvaerts I had some really busy weeks... But that also means that I'll be having a lot of juicy stories to tell you guys about pretty... Read more →
Tanja Kok STOX energy compression socks review
Sometimes you just have to pull up your socks! February 22, 2017 | Tanja Kok I noticed some model friends on Instagram wearing STOX Energy Socks so I wanted to give it a try...... Read more →
dorith mous rock
Rocking my Stox on January 13, 2017 | Dorith Mous Creative, adventurous, always on the run. Find out what gives Dorith Mous the extra energy to turn great into the greatest.... Read more →
Boost your day with Stox socks December 29, 2016 | Lucien Dave Bus The unexpected way to improve your workouts and working days.... Read more →
Stox Jack Ellis Review
Tried & Reviewed – STOX Energy Socks November 1, 2016 | Jack Ellis "As a model I am always walking around for castings, the cities I am usually in have huge traffic problems and this means... Read more →
stox socks celine prins ballet sports class model
MAGICAL SOCKS? YES THEY TRULY EXIST October 25, 2016 | Celine Prins From awful skin color compression stockings your grandmother could wear, to fashionable and effective...... Read more →
Stox Review Merle Geelen Japan sokken traveling fashion model
Feeling energised on my holiday with STOX September 28, 2016 | Merel Geelen I can honestly say that the use of these 3 different types of socks helped me make the most out of my vacation in Japan.... Read more →


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